Coming up at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook…

In the coming weeks we will be looking at more books but especially the Puritans.

Book reviews

This week I am hoping to complete two reviews of books that provide a very good introduction to systematic theology. The first is a reprint of Archibald Alexander and the second is John Frame’s new, Salvation Belongs to the Lord. Both are conversational and very enjoyable to read.

Also, we are finishing up a neat little book for children. Through the story of a boy and a spotless lamb the author reveals the significance of the atonement. I cannot wait to share with you soon.

Expositional Puritans

Then over the next few weeks I will begin a long series of articles of how I incorporate the Puritans (+ Spurgeon) into my expository studies. The Puritans have left us a wealth of sermons but each Puritan only covered a tiny bit of Scripture. So how does a verse-by-verse preacher use the Puritans effectively?

In light of this challenge, in the coming weeks I will show you how to build a Puritan library and use it to draw the best Puritan fruit from ANY verse in the Bible!

See you tomorrow and God bless.

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