Coming soon … another blank bible project

I have long awaited the arrival of the new ESV English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament. But especially because I will attempt to duplicate the infamous ‘blank bible’ we completed earlier this year. It will give me the opportunity to answer (in pictures) the questions you posed in the last series like how I clamped and cut the binding. I will also take my camera to the office supply store to document the steps that take place there.

I will announce when I begin the project, which should be soon …

And maybe, just maybe, I will make two – one to use and one to give to one blessed reader (but please don’t email just yet).

3 thoughts on “Coming soon … another blank bible project

  1. any chances of selling this idea to crossway? My pastor often say that the best way to meditate through the Bible is with pen in hand. This would be a great tool for those who are not handymen with tablesaws. (ps – love the ESV)

  2. Rob,

    I checked with the ESV and they are saying bible paper costs have gone through the roof and adding blank pages (doubling the pages) would make a bible far too expensive to even be considered. It would be a great project though but not practical.


  3. Would you be interested in putting together a blank bible and selling it to someone who really wants one?

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