The Shepherd’s Scrapbook Christmas shopping discounts

The Shepherd’s Scrapbook Christmas shopping discounts

Remember there are two important discounts available …

Works of John Owen (35-percent off) lasts until Dec. 15th. Details here.
Meet the Puritans (discounted rate) lasts until Nov. 30th. Details here.

Discounts: Why do we get discounts for our readers? It’s simple really. We can profit from affiliate networks (by making a percentage commission off each book sold through links from our site). But we think it’s best to remain a no-profit blog, and pass all the discounts on to our readers … No, thank you.

3 thoughts on “The Shepherd’s Scrapbook Christmas shopping discounts

  1. Tony – It’s been fun having this 35% discount on Owen’s works connected with your site – not just the complete set, but individual volumes also. I’ve actually gotten to know some of your blog readers and enjoyed a couple of great conversations. I met one in person at a recent conference. I’ve prayed with several over the phone. It’s been really good. I guess maybe we (I head up Banner, U.S., for those of you who don’t know, sorry) have sold some books, but it’s the other stuff I’ve listed that’s been the greatest thing, in all honesty. Thanks for what you do here, Tony. Just make sure you’re not neglecting your family and your own intimate moments with the Saviour in order to provide what you provide for guys like me. Wishing you God’s richest blessings, brother, and giving thanks for guys like you!

  2. Steve, your friendship and pastoral heart have ministered to me in so many ways. Thank you brother for your encouragements and concerns. =) Working out of the home, I am blessed to get much time with my wife and children! And in the evening we are going through the Gospel of John (for the second time). It’s one of my favorites. Jesus is the giver of “grace upon grace.” What a glorious redeemer we have. And what a joy to dig deep into the depths of the beauty of Christ in the works of John Owen. Thank you for making these precious books available to so many readers!! I think you already know this, Steve, but by making Owen accessible you are pushing readers into the deep end of Christology! Thank you again brother. It looks like you are just making friends and selling books on this side of eternity but your true fruit will be shown one day in glory.

    I thank God for His grace so clearly shown in your life and in the graciousness of The Banner of Truth Trust!

    – Tony

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