Special offer on John Calvin volumes

The 2007 Banner of Truth minister’s conference (May 29-31), “Set Apart For God,” will reference the teaching of John Calvin. Tobotconf.jpg promote the conference, The Banner of Truth is offering our readers a 40-percent package discount on these three volumes:

1. Calvin’s, Sermons On The Epistle To The Ephesians (list: $36.00; 40% off: $21.60). Charles Spurgeon recommended this book with one short sentence: “The sermons are priceless.”

2. Letters of John Calvin (list: $10.75; 40% off: $6.45)

3. A.N. Martin, Practical Implications of Calvinism (list: $2.50; 40% off: $1.50)

Purchase all three volumes for a greater discount (list: $49.25), just $27.50. Offer good until April 30, 2007, which is the Early Bird Registration Deadline for signing up for this year’s Banner of Truth ministers’ conference. Offer good within the U.S. and Canada. To receive this discount you must do two things. First, call the Banner’s US office directly (800-263-8085). And secondly, you must tell them you are “a friend of The Shepherd’s Scrapbook.” And if you’re a pastor, church leader (elder, deacon), missionary or seminary student, Banner of Truth will sign you up to attend this year’s conference at the same time. I’m already registered myself and would look forward to seeing you there!

2 thoughts on “Special offer on John Calvin volumes

  1. Tony,
    I have Calvin’s commentaries. Does that have “Sermons on the Epistle to the Ephesians”?


  2. hello jc, the commentaries and the sermons are different. The commentary is straight exegesis and observations while the sermons are fuller and more applied and illustrated. The sermons are certainly worth the investment, especially for preachers. Blessings! Tony

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