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tssbooks.jpgThings here at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook are getting very busy.

Next week we launch a one-month look at John Owen’s classic book Communion with the Triune God. Originally published in 1657, a newly-edited volume is set to be released by Crossway a month from now and follows in the steps of the wonderfully-edited volume Overcoming Sin and Temptation from last year.

This is a timely series because it seems a common theme from friends and readers is a lack in their communion with God. They know God intends more for His children than life in a hum-drum of monotony. In fact, God calls us to come close to Him and experience His presence in communion. So how do we do this? What does it look like? Owen’s answer is profound and simple: Pay careful attention to the distinctions between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit because in these distinctions we commune specifically with God. This is where Owen excels in Communion with the Triune God and why we should take note that a publisher has taken the time to retypeset and edit the full text, add outlines, a glossary, helpful introductions and footnotes to help the contemporary reader (edited by Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic).

So starting next week we look at Owen. We’ll begin with a book review of the forthcoming text and then we sit down and talk with Dr. Derek Thomas (Professor of Practical and Systematic Theology at RTS, Jackson, MS) to find out what Owen means by the word “communion.” The interview and review will kick off a more detailed look at Owen’s masterpiece.

Then later next week (if the Lord wills) we pack up the mobile TSS communications unit and head out for the first TSS road trip (the details are a surprise).

Stay tuned next week and have a blessed weekend worshiping our glorious Savior!


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