8 thoughts on “The Way It Is

  1. Ah Starbucks. Warms my heart. And doubly so when conjoined to Calvin.

    I had a fine cup of French Roast this morning. But few things beat a triple (or, on certain days, a quad) tall Americano. Black.

    By the by, Susan Schreiner’s volume, *The Theater of His Glory: Nature and the Natural Order in the Thought of John Calvin*, is well worth reading.

    Pax Christi tecum,

  2. Hi Tony,

    Well, Schreiner is helpful in discussing Calvin’s doctrine of providence. Schreiner contends that the idea of providence is a Stammlehre in Calvin’s teaching.

    This notion is particularly important when considering Calvin’s natural theology, which, after decades of Barthian readings of Calvin, is nearly hidden from view. Of course, Calvin, contra the claims of men like Niesel, knew very well –notwithstanding the noetic effects of the fall–that no person escapes the sensus divinitatus, the, as Dowey puts it, “overwhelming and ineludible apprehension of [God’s] awfulness and majesty.”

    However, the pastor with a limited income may wish to borrow rather than purchase Schreiner’s volume. Better to spend your shekels on someone like Francois Wendel, whose more general study on Calvin is (still) eminently valuable.


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