The Blog…

…is undergoing change.

As you can see, Miscellanies has gone “short form,” a tiny, Twitter-like format that allows me to update frequently, frees more time to read, provides a flexible means of sharing what I read, and will (hopefully) free more time to write essays. We’ll see how it goes.

What do you think so far?

18 thoughts on “The Blog…

  1. I don’t like it. I’d prefer far fewer posts, posted irregularly, but with quality.

    Oh and I miss your excellent book reviews!

  2. I’m gonna miss the full on book reviews and tips about reading, but anything to keep you with us.

    I think for small posts to be good they’ve gotta be either really challenging bites or questions.

    That’s what I’m finding out on twitter anyhow

  3. I’ll second Gareth’s comment above. The Internet is littered with Twitter-like stream-of-consciousness blogs pumping out little snippets of half-digested ramblings. One of the great strengths of TSS was that although there were few posts, you put a great deal of thought and analysis into each one–especially your book reviews (which I find to be invaluable) and your how-tos [blank bible, organizing a library, how to read and interact with a book, etc.] which have radically altered how I process, evaluate, and organize information. As my use of Internet resources grows, I find it to be like trying to drink from a firehose.

    TSS was a welcome relief from that format–more like sitting down in a quiet corner and sipping a carefully prepared latte–warm, flavorful, and infused with the distinctive character of the person who crafted it. I realize that with your new job your available time for TSS has been impacted–but for my part I’m willing to forgo frequency for quality.

    Please don’t tear down the neighborhood Starbucks and replace it with yet another McCafe. :-)

  4. I love the phrase “…free more time to write essays.” These will, presumably, be posted here (as well as other outlets), so it sounds like we’ll get the best of both worlds: short, pithy blog posts and more thoughtful, lengthy essays. Bottom line: the new format could work beautifully!

  5. Hey brother. The snippets are ok, but we definitely can use your full reviews.

    I want to thank you for prying the gates over my eyes wide open. I am a born and raised Pentecostal. I have been shedding the legalism and rituals from a very early age. Luckily I had a pastor that preached more about Grace than the legalism but it was still there. The materials you have presented have opened up a new area of Christianity to me that I had not known about. I am now reading the Institutes and going through the online Calvin course at, I purchased a book on Spurgeon, and am going through the online books at focusing on the writings of Jonathan Edwards. You have greatly contributed to my walk with Christ.

    Also, thanks for introducing us to the preachers on your side bar. They have been a blessing.

    I look forward to whatever work you are able to share with us.

    God Bless.

  6. I like it! It better serves you and your family. That is what is important and we are blessed to get any tidbits we receive along the journey.

  7. Tony, thank you so much for your blog here and running CJ’s. Those two are my two go to’s for quick encouragement and thought. I agree with all the former comments to this and have nothing to add (even the last one bill said – so i know its not easy to do this). Thanks for serving us as you do. God bless you as you are an immense blessing to me.

    Jair Baker Louisville KY

  8. I think to remain unique and to retain integrity, you need to continue with the long original posts.

    I find that so many times when I try to do a quick and easy post, I’m basically just linking to someone else’s idea (which isn’t bad, but then you’re more like a gatekeeper or tower control guy).

    And to try to come up with original short pithy posts can sometimes take about as long as a “long” post.

    Each blog needs to find its own niche to survive. Each writer thrives in a different format. I do my best writing when I stick to my strengths.

    If you only post once a week, that’s fine. Most of us have Readers so we won’t forget about you.

  9. Totally agree with Kevin’s comments. JT provides the broad scale, in the know, point you in multiple directions type of blog. Yours filled/fills a needed niche in just the ways already mentioned.

    Most of us read several blogs and appreciate the variety and specificity of the various ones we subscribe to so that we have a well rounded pool of “counselors”.

    And as for the Starbucks analogy, I totally agree with that too. It saddens me to see the Spartan direction that Starbucks is taking. It used to be a cheap luxury in both product and environment. Now the experience, coffee aside, feels more non-descript and less inviting; like your garden variety fast food coffee chain. Here’s hoping The Shepherd’s Scrapbook . . . er . . miscellanies continues to be a nice little uncommon luxury of Christian thought, meditation and encouragement.


  10. I love the depth and meat in your blog–and agree with Kevin, and many others, above. In respect to your busy schedule (especially in parenting), I’ll enjoy anything you write–whether terse or elaborate, brief or deep. Thank you for being here. Your blog, writing style, book reviews and recommendations are like water to a thirsty soul.

    From a blessed and daily addict, Linda
    God Bless and give you strength to fulfill your ministry!

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