4 thoughts on “C.J.’s Diggs

  1. That’s fantastic! I wonder if that research assistant of C.J.’s takes any of those books off his shelves! Powerful temptation that. Just kidding. Or maybe its the other way around?
    I once had a couple of duplicate copies in the MacArthur N.T. Commentaries; one particularly on 1 Peter and I asked my friend, Burk Parsons (Burk works with and assists R.C. Sproul) if he knew anybody who could use them and he said he could in fact, because R.C. had ‘borrowed’ his copy on 1 Peter and wasn’t sure he would ever see it again.

  2. Thanks Tony… How fun to have CJ as a boss!! Thanks for sharing… (btw I have a hunch as smart as CJ is, he must have Dodgers/Angels in the WS)

  3. Tony, do you know if there are any videos which exist of the libraries of Dever, Mohler, and/or Duncan? if so, please post the links to them. Thanks.

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