Calvary’s Magnetism

From Arthur J. Gossip’s book on preaching, In Christ’s Stead (1925):

“It was not for nothing that Christ said so confidently that always if men see Him dying for them, He will win [“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself” (John 12:32)]. Certainly it has not always been at Calvary that their hearts have been most moved. It makes an interesting study to note how different generations have been won mainly by different things in Christ. … And yet in every age there are always those who cannot come within sight of the Cross without being thrilled and moved and won, for whom that is the deepest and most appealing of all facts. And nobody, surely, can remain face to face with it quite untouched. Get them in sight of Calvary, pause there, saying little, hushed and reverent; enable them to look, to see it, make it real to them, not just an old tale that has lost its wonder and its stab, but a tremendous awful fact.” (142–143)

One thought on “Calvary’s Magnetism

  1. Yes, this is a great truth. and well worth pausing to meditate a few moments. But how do we “Get them in sight of Calvary”? I’ve recently been reading some of the controversy that arose around icons early in the church. Can a visual representation of the “Christ event” actually be venerated? If I understand the Reformation at all, it was putting all the emphasis on the preaching of the Gospel itself: Christ alone-by Faith alone-by Scripture alone.
    Actually it is not only that we proclaim the Gospel in “Christ’s stead” but I think it is actually Christ Himself that calls sinners to His cross and what the Father was doing there as we display the beauty of Christ by proclaiming the Gospel. Christ living in and through us “gets them in sight of. . .” not only a literal place and event called Calvary, but much more the spiritual indicative of what God was accomplishing once and for all.

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