Reading Newton’s Mail

Last year I was a little surprised, and much encouraged, by the response to my blog posts featuring John Newton (1725–1807). I’ve since put more thought into how to expand these posts which led to a plan that should work out nicely. The plan is to publish these meditations each week on CJ’s blog, under the series title: “Reading Newton’s Mail.” Last Friday I published a brief intro to the series. Today I posted the first installment: “Aiming High, Missing Low, Aiming High Again,” highlighting Newton’s thoughts on the spiritual disciplines, both in our ambitious pursuit of them and in responding to personal failures. In all likelihood I will continue to post brief excerpts from Newton here on Miscellanies, but the meditations will now appear each Friday on Cheap Seats. Should be fun. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Reading Newton’s Mail

  1. I have to admit brother, I am at the very least, a little jealous….maybe a lot even. Banner of Truth has been out of stock on Newton’s Works for months now, which means, I can’t get them, and you are just blogging right through them, on a couple of blogs now. That’s just great. Well, God bless the heck out of you too!!! ;-)

  2. I did my best. In November I nudged the BoT folks to get copies made but (understandably) the process cannot be rushed. Do you have Letters of John Newton? That’s a good appetizer as you wait for the chefs to get moving along. Blessings! Tony

  3. Well, I couldn’t wait so I bought Newton’s Works used through Amazon. Got them yesterday and that was exciting because each individual volume was wrapped in brown packing paper. That was like opening six presents!
    When I began reading his writings, I feel that I could weep the way I do when I hear Amazing Grace and realize why he had to be the man who would be used to write that hymn.
    I know I will be blessed as I read him more. I tell you all this as a thank you because as I build my own Puritan Library, your quotes and excitement for books has helped tremendously.
    Thanks brother and God bless!

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