About Tony Reinke

Hi! I’m Tony, a writer in the Twin Cities.

To date I have three solo-authored book projects and a fourth on the way:

I also write articles, edit books, and host the popular Ask Pastor John podcast. For fun, I manage a tribute site to my favorite Dutch theologian at hermanbavinck.org.

My Background

My theological convictions are no secret: Evangelical, Reformed, credo-baptist, complementarian, continuationist, and a Christian Hedonist, the glorious and profound biblical truth that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. I was happy to sign this document.

Married for eighteen years to the wife of my youth and my best friend (Karalee), we have three precious kids, mostly named after dead preachers.

My career in journalism launched as newsprint was going the way of the Titanic, so I jumped to digital and focused my attention to blogging in 2006 and social media in 2008. My first full-time ministry gig was serving the editorial, research, and travel assistant to C.J. Mahaney, an author and speaker in the D.C. area (2008–2011). I now work for author and speaker John Piper at Desiring God in Minneapolis (2012–). My work mixes theological research, content curating, writing, editing, interviewing, audio broadcasting, graphic design, and all things social media. Today I consider myself an investigative journalist of practical theology, leveraging key resources from the greatest thinkers in church history to address the perplexing questions facing Christians today. I do all my own stunts (no research assistants, no ghostwriters, etc).

My Contacts

I always love hearing from readers. Often I can respond, but sometimes not.

Send me the twitters: @tonyreinke

Send me the emails: crede.ut.intelligas AT mac DOT com

And thanks for reading!



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