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My name is Tony Reinke, an author and non-profit journalist. The bulk of my current work centers on how we best flourish in the digital age saturated by social media, images, audio, and enough on-demand video to fill our eyes for 100 lifetimes.

My areas of research center in my five book projects:

Besides writing books I am privileged to host the popular Ask Pastor John podcast, dedicated to questions of Christian theology and ethics. And I serve as a Senior Teacher for Desiring God. For fun, I manage a tribute site to my favorite Dutch theologian (hermanbavinck.org).

My Background

I’m a Christian, more specifically, an evangelical, reformed, credo-baptist, complementarian, continuationist, Christian hedonist. I believe the glorious and profound biblical truth that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him, and I was happy to sign this document.

Married for 21 years to the wife of my youth and my best friend, we have three precious kids, mostly named after dead preachers.

My career in sports journalism launched just as newsprint was going the way of the Titanic, so I left the industry in the late 1990s and entered the digital world of blogging and social media in 2006. Writing online for fun eventually led to my first full-time ministry gig, serving as the editorial, research, and travel assistant to author/speaker C.J. Mahaney in the Washington, D.C. area. I now work for author/speaker John Piper at Desiring God in Minneapolis. My work mixes theological research, content curating, writing, editing, interviewing, audio broadcasting, and social media.

Today I consider myself an investigative journalist of practical theology, leveraging key resources from the greatest thinkers in church history to address the perplexing questions facing Christians today. I use no research assistants or ghostwriters.

Speaking Requests and Contact

I love hearing from readers, and often I can respond.

Beginning in 2020 I plan to take on more speaking opportunities (preaching and lectures).

Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, or email (crede.ut.intelligas AT mac DOT com).

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