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Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Age of the Spectacle
1: Life inside the Digital Environment
2: Spectacles Defined
3: Distracted Spectacle-Seekers
4: Image Is Everything
5: The Spectacle of the Self in Social Media
6: The Spectacle of the Self in Gaming
7: Spectacles of Tele-Vision
8: Spectacles of Merchandise
9: Politics as Spectacle
10: Terror as Spectacle
11: Ancient Spectacles
12: Every Nine Seconds
13: The Spectacle of the Body
14: The Church in the Attention Market

Part 2: The Spectacle
15: Spectakils in Tension
16: Prynne’s Footnote
17: The World’s Greatest Spectacle
18: Is the Cross a Spectacle?
19: Two Competing Theaters
20: Spectators of Glory
21: The Church as Spectacle
22: The Church as Spectacle-Maker?
23: A Day inside the Spectacle
24: Our Unique Spectacle-Tensions
25: One Resolve, One Request
26: The Spectator before His Carving
27: A Movie So Good It Will Ruin You—Would You Watch It?
28: Resistible Spectacles
29: Summations and Applications
30: My Supreme Concern
31: A Beauty that Beautifies
32: The Visio Beatifica
33: Dis-Illusioned but Not Deprived