New books

A number of new books have been printed that will make excellent additions to the preacher’s library. I’ll be passing along book reviews at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing the first volume of collected magazines published by The Banner of Truth. The early BoT magazines were an interesting diversity of themes, quotes, commentaries and biographies that I think many pastors will find useful.

In America, Reformation Heritage Books has recently reprinted Jeremiah Burroughs’ great commentary on Hosea and a must-read on sanctification titled, The Path of True Godliness, written by a Dutch Puritan. Plus there is a new children’s book that explains the substitutionary atonement very clearly for little hearts.

RHB has also released a new Octavius Winslow book, The Fullness of Christ, that looks very good (and I’m told it’s one of OW’s best).

Tentmaker Publications in the UK is printing The Works of Thomas Boston (12 volumes). I think Boston is one of the most important Puritans for the preacher today. These volumes are very well indexed and that makes them very useful in sermon prep.

And not to be outdone, P&R has recently released some excellent commentaries and we will look at a few P&R classics, too.

These and other books will be reviewed here in the coming weeks.

See you tomorrow….


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