6 thoughts on “Thomas Manton is my homeboy

  1. This was strange to come across… “Thomas Manton is my Homseboy”! I am a member of the Manton family from the family’s home land (Ireland) and was doing an image search on the family name. I’m glad that you are a fan of my relative…!

  2. That’s so amazing! How are you related, as in generations? Thomas Manton really loved Christ and gave his life to spread His fame. I have all the respect in the world for him. You should be very proud of his Cross-centered legacy. An amazingly gifted man who exhausted his life on the most important truth in the universe!



  3. Thomas Manton was recommended by my pastor as was a great man in my mind. He exhaustively wrote on whatever subject he was moved to write about. I just purchased “The Works of Thomas Manton” over eBay, 16 volumes. He was an amazing man indeed.

  4. Hello again… I am not sure of my exact relation to this Thomas Manton, but he was possibly related to one of my ancestors. Who knows, perhaps he was a brother or cousin of one of my great-great-great-etc-grandfathers who emigrated to the colonies.

    On a (somewhat) related note for Roseanne, there seem to be more than one Manton family – there are often historical mixups in pronunciation and spelling. When researching the family name it often says that it derives from the Irish Manntan, but another explanation I have come across suggests a Scottish-Norse history, so there’s good reason to believe that more than one Manton family exists… genealogy is a complex subject :)

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