Book Announcement: Meet the Puritans

Book Announcement: Meet the Puritans

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan continues to set itself apart as a superior place to study Puritan literature. The seminary itself houses the Puritan Resource Center, one of the world’s largest collections of seventeenth and eighteenth century antiquarian volumes written by Puritans.

But the people of PRTS are completing another project that is certain to further distinguish the school as the premier facility for Puritan research.

PRTS President Joel R. Beeke and author Randall J. Pederson are putting the final touches on a new book project titled, Meet the Puritans. The book includes short biographies and a bibliography of over 140 Puritan authors! The hefty, 950-page book will serve pastors who want short introductions to Puritan authors, short summaries of each Puritan work and information about when those works were last printed.

This excellent resource should be available before Christmas from Reformation Heritage Books. (Hint, hint, if my wife is reading this.)

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