Preach boldly, compassionately

From a sermon preached on Sept. 22, 1661 (Preaching of Christ) …

“Shall any man be so bold as to do what God forbids? And shall a minister be so timorous [timid] as not to speak what God commands? Shall I be afraid to offend him by doing my duty, who is not afraid to offend God by neglecting his? Shall I be afraid to save him who is not afraid to destroy himself? Or shall I be dismayed at the face and frown of a man, and neglect the wrath of God who can tear me in pieces? ‘Be not dismayed at their face,’ saith the Lord, ‘lest I confound thee before them’ (Jer. 1:17). Yet this boldness must be in a way of conviction and persuasion, without indiscretion and exasperation; that when we show our zeal against men’s sins, we may withal manifest our love to their persons, and that honor and reverend esteem which we owe to their dignities and conditions.”

Edward Reynolds (Soli Deo Gloria, 1826/2000), Works 5:349

2 thoughts on “Preach boldly, compassionately

  1. What’s a really good work for delineating the “dignities and conditions” of man and all that entails, compared with what man is by his sin nature? (I hope this question is clear enough! I feel I can’t grasp well the worth of man in his post-fall existence where he creates nothing but ruin and misery about from God’s grace, though I know I need to be keeping in mind the fact he is made in God’s image and therefore great in latent capacities and some actual ways.)

  2. Wayne Grudem in Systematic Theology does a great job explaining the total depravity of the sinner while simultaneously explaining the distinguishing marks of man being created in the image of God (I believe it’s his discussion on “general grace” where he talks of this). It’s a great book to have on hand.


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