Seeker friendly to the spiritually dead?

Every man, woman and child in this world fits into one of two categories. Either they are believers, having clung to the perfect righteousness of Christ alone for their salvation. Or they are unbelievers, being spiritually dead, separated from a personal union with Christ and under the wrath of God.

My good friend Travis wrote the following in an email to one who embraces the “seeker sensitive” church methodology so common today. I thought this paragraph was especially worthy to share because he reminds us that a “seeker” (a misnomer) is still a depraved sinner under the wrath of God.

“‘Seeker’ is just another word for a dying man. He is outside of Christ and alienated from God, the object of His holy wrath. He lays at the brink of judgment, the very gates of Hell. And what sort of ‘friendliness’ gives comfort to such a one? As if an oncologist, for example, were merciful to spare his patients the pain of necessary chemotherapy. No, we have a name for giving comfort to the curably dying—criminal malpractice. Another name is assisted suicide. And likewise in the Church. Sin is a greater cancer, and salvation is not elective surgery but a dying man’s only hope for eternal life. To give him any comfort other than in fleeing the wrath to come is fully to euthanize his soul—and convince me then that you’re his friend!”

Travis Carden

3 thoughts on “Seeker friendly to the spiritually dead?

  1. This is a good comparison, and so true. Oddly enough, the truth of the situation comes alive by this illustration. Keep posting good stuff my friend.

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