Download free index to the Works of John Owen (16 volumes)

Download free index to the Works of John Owen (16 volumes)

John Owen [1616-1683] is one of the most significant theologians in church history. Spurgeon said to master Owen is to be a great theologian. For the past few years, I have been accumulating several of the volumes of The Works of John Owen. But only recently have I received the final volume (vol. 16) containing the topical and textual indexes to the entire set. (And if you know me, you know how important these indexes are to effectively use a Puritan like Owen.)

Now that I have the index I want to share it with those who have various volumes of the Banner of Truth 16 volume set but don’t have the indexes. So today I converted the indexes into electronic file. You can store this on your computer or print it out for reference. These indexes will also help you discover which volumes will be most beneficial in your studies.

Click here to download the 5.9 MB file containing the indexes to The Works of John Owen (16 volumes).

UPDATE: To celebrate the legacy of John Owen, The Banner of Truth is offering 35-percent discount off the purchase of any or all of the 16 volumes (until December 15, 2006 on American orders only). To receive this discount you must do two things. First, call directly (800-263-8085). And secondly, you must tell them you are “a friend of The Shepherd’s Scrapbook.”

Because friends don’t let friends not read Owen.

25 thoughts on “Download free index to the Works of John Owen (16 volumes)

  1. Tony:

    I appreciate your work but I think you need to slow down a little. I feel like I have a hose in my mouth and you have turned the water on full blast.

    I am still trying to figure out about: The Gospel Life Series by Jeremiah Burroughs six volume set let alone this one (16 vol) by the Great John Owen. I have read “The Death of Death of the Death of Christ” which was sooo rich, but I could only absorb a few pages at a time. Took forever. If you could only purchase one of these sets, and you knew you only had 5 years left, which one would you pick?

  2. Yes, Bill, exasperating those closest to me is my weakness. =) Sorry. In the Puritan Study series I tried to define the 14 most important Puritans for expositional ministry (preaching prep). I ranked them by the most useful and available. Overall, for general reading however I would list the most important Puritans in this order…

    1. John Bunyan (3 volume BoT)
    2. Jonathan Edwards (2 volume BoT)
    3. John Owen (especially the practical works; volumes 1-9)

    I just really think Bunyan is the best for a number of reasons (see earlier post) but especially because Bunyan’s works are so diverse. But if you are ready for more meat I don’t think Edwards can be beaten and Owen is a close third. Apart from these three, until you have them I would not worry about any of the other Puritans (though I would consider buying some Spurgeon volumes along the way).

    Don’t ask why Owen is #6 then on my list for preachers — it’s a long answer I hope to write an entire post on one day.

    Hope this is more of a sip of finely crafted wine for your biblio-palate =)


  3. But to answer your question … if I knew my life was coming to an end and I was going to read a Puritan I would read Bunyan’s works from cover-to-cover. He’s not brilliant like Edwards or Owen but he loves the Gospel and takes the soul very, very seriously. There is an earnestness to Bunyan that nobody matches. But, you will not lose in reading any of the Puritans recommended on this blog and certainly not from the three mentioned here.


  4. Thanks Tony, I appreciate your keen insight. I will do exactly as you advised.

    Blessings to you,


  5. Dallas,

    Even if I knew where you could find cheep editions of the Works of John Owen (with that glossy cardboard and cheap paper being so unfitted for such a Puritan as Owen) I wouldn’t tell you. LOL

    No, I thought you were contrasting the hc BoT with the new paperback edition from Justin Taylor (which I recommend highly, though, I wish were in cloth as well).

    O, the thought of cheaply bound, cheaply printed, Banner-of-Truth-wanna-bes, makes me cringe. =)


  6. John,

    Thank you for the kind words! And thank you for your support of this ministry from your blog (The Conventicle). It is a great encouragement to see TSS featured. Thank you!


  7. Dallas – This is Steve. I manage Banner’s operations here in N. America. If the issue is price and, in all honesty, the 35% discount that we’re running here through Tony isn’t enough, email me at In all seriousness, if you’re really going to read it, I’ll see what I can do to get some of Owen into your hands. On the other hand, if you really prefer cheap paper and cardboard to a clothbound sewn book … hmmm, well, I don’t think we at Banner can be of much help! :-) Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. By the way, Tony … I’m at the Christian Counselling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) conference in Valley Forge, PA this afternoon and, wouldn’t you know it, this young Sovereign Grace church intern comes up and he asks me about the 35% special on Owen! I came around from behind the table and said, “Where did you hear about that?” And wouldn’t you know it, he said, “On a blogsite from some guy in Nebraska!”

  9. Steve — ha, that is so awesome, brother!!

    I showed up at church here in Omaha a few weeks back and some guy was telling the Sr. pastor that he found the church through some blog on the Internet. The Sr. pastor called me over and introduced me to the family now traveling to the church I attended and recommended. It’s so awesome to see the faces behind all those blog hits. God is so gracious!! That God would die for me!!!

    Watch out for those Sovereign Grace guys!


  10. canyouhearus,

    I’m not certain, but I think its limited to US orders. Steve will probably come through again to answer questions.


  11. Indeed, Tony, I have “come through again” and, unfortunately, this is being run by our U.S. office so isn’t available in the U.K. Sorry, I should have specified that. My bad.

  12. Tony,
    what do you think of publishing an index that has gone through OCR? This will make your index easy to search through.

  13. Check that, jc. If you put a line space between each entry, the indenting wouldn’t matter. Let me know if you’re going to try this. It would be of great use!


  14. I would be very interested to check out this set. Unfortunately they don’t have a “poor college student” edition. In any case, the stack of books on my shelf crying out to be read is already quite large and perhaps I will try and hit up the Bunyan and Edwards volumes mentioned in the comments since I haven’t read those either. In the mean time, I’ll make a mental note and come back for Owen later. Thanks as always for bringing great recommendations and resources Tony.

  15. The set came to $258.70 + shipping. They charge actual shipping, so I won’t know the total until they arrive.

    Thanks Tony! I’ve had my eye on these for over five years, and this discount made the difference.

  16. Tony,
    re: your comments (#19 and 20)
    I was suggesting this as something the producer of the original pdf could do.

  17. Thanks for posting the advert for this discount. I was able to get in touch with Steve who graciously answered all my questions and now I have all the Owen I could ever want on the way to my home and at a great price at that. However I consider this just one of many blessings God gave me through this experience in ordering these books. I was able to talk to Steve over various emails, and a great phone conversation that lead to a very encouraging prayer. I now have the blessing of knowing a new brother, well more like father being that he is much more mature than I am :o), in Christ to pray for and to be encouraged by. I say this not to boast in Steve or Banner, as he is only is in his words a trophy of God’s amazing grace, I say this because if there is anyone reading this that is not ordering this simply because of a few questions they may not feel will get entirely answered to not hesitate in asking. Steve and all the people I talked to at Banner were amazingly helpful, as was Tony. So just go for it!


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