pure grace

NEWS: The Shepherd’s Scrapbook blog today ranks as the 50th hottest WordPress.com blog on the Internet. Thank you to my high-speed Puritan friends. That means a lot of people will come to check us out who do not know Christ personally. May I invite you to please read the book of Romans online this weekend? And please consider reading this free book on God’s invitation of a personal relationship with Himself. Salvation offered to you free of charge — by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone! What grace — what beauty — that God would die for me!

UPDATE 4:45 PM: What an awesome day. Thank you everyone who stopped by. Set a new TSS record with 1,170 hits today. I will be on the road this weekend and into next week. But I will probably be blogging from Minneapolis. See if we can’t get this blank interlinear done. Steve, waiting for the VoV. That will be fun. Speaking of Steve, everyone who took advantage of the incredible offer from Banner of Truth on the John Owen volumes this week, head over to his blog and leave a comment of thanks. It was his gracious and generous offer. No publisher is more generous than the Banner of Truth. Have a great weekend and Lord’s Day. Christ is so precious!

One thought on “pure grace

  1. Hi there,
    Have come across your blog recently and been enjoying it hugely – many thanks! Is the Owen offer from the Banner of Truth available here in the UK as well or is it only in the US? I would love to get hold of the set of Owen’s works.

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