Valley of Vision Christmas

Valley of Vision Christmas

For the next few weeks The Shepherd’s Scrapbook is going to look more like a bookshop than a blog. I know many of you are considering buying excellent books for your spouse, children, ministry associates, friends etc. So we will be recommending more books than usual.

One of the most versatile and best Christmas resources available is the book The Valley of Vision: A collection of Puritan prayers and devotion. The book is great because it focuses the readers attention towards deep experiential themes found throughout scripture and presents an excellent balance between doctrine and practice. It works great as a devotional, but also as a great resource to read as personal prayer.

There are few Christmas gifts like it. For my family and I, it’s going to be a Valley of Vision Christmas.

We have just completed the “Blank VoV” and soon I will show you how to make this yourself. It would make a great gift to encourage meditation, reflection and journaling.

Our Valley of Vision Christmas will include the following gifts…

1. The classic book itself. The Valley of Vision is available in paperback and leather bindings from the Banner of Truth. I have taken the paperbacks apart and inserted blank pages to make a special Christmas gift even more precious. Details on that to come later next week.

2. The Valley of Vision audio CD collection read by Max McLean (also available from the Banner of Truth).

3. The Valley of Vision music CD, a collection of songs inspired by the book (available from Sovereign Grace Ministries). This is one of my all-time favorite Cds.

Together, these combine to give a number of great gift options for a wide variety of Christian readers and listeners.

Update: The Blank Valley of Visions are complete and the Blank Interlinear project is coming to an end as well. We will be publishing complete DIY guides and giving away one of each so stay tuned.

See you Monday and have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

2 thoughts on “Valley of Vision Christmas

  1. Christmas never had anything to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ and his disciples, it’s origins are in pagan Babylon the Yule log represents children that were once scarificed to the god Molech.

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