11 thoughts on “From the “Incredible” file…

  1. Steve,

    Most certainly you can support one “Door Panel of Doctrine Purity” for $20,000.00. Thank you for your generosity! And don’t forget future donations can be made to the “Spirit-Filled Speeding Ticket” fund. =)


  2. Both hilarious and sad.

    To think that people are actually giving their hard-earned money to help Benny fly all over the world to lead people astray. Why dosen’t he just stop staying in $10,000 per night hotel rooms and use his own money to buy himself a jet?

    Just think: With this Spider you could get to the office supply store faster and cut down on the time it takes to make the “Blank Grudem.”

  3. Tony, Nice job exposing Benny Boy. He lives a few miles from me in about a 8 to 10 million dollar home overlooking the ocean with a hugh oil painting of himself holding a Bible placed over their fireplace. Like he really needs his supporters to cough up more millions so he can purchase his own jet.
    Final Score: Dove One (name of his new jet), Shephard Two!

    PS I am surprised you folks from the mid-west even know about the Spider, thought they were only in Southern California. ;-).

  4. Bill, We have our share of sports cars in this little town. This is the city of Warren Buffett! Justin, I’m affraid we would need to trade the Spider in for a F-350 pickup to carry the “Blank Grudem” home!

    You guys are funny!


  5. You all really DO have too much time on your hands! How ’bout you come to Carlisle and help me pack books today. We nearly doubled what went out of the warehouse last year in November. It’s exciting to think that some people (I haven’t seen an order from Benny yet) are really giving solid stuff as gifts this Christmas!
    By the way, Benny? Email me with your order and, if you promise to read it, I’ll give you an really good price, subsidized from my own paycheck! I’ll even pick out what I think you should read, if you’d like (Hey Tony, do you think Benny reads your site?).

  6. Steve,

    Hanging out in the BoT warehouse really does sound like fun!

    I’ll bet Benny’s BoT order is coming today. Wait by the computer. Maybe he’ll just fly into Carlisle and pick out the books for himself?

    Does Benny read my site? I doubt it … let’s see … Hey, Benny! Benny! You out there? Can you hear us? Let us know if we can hook you up!

    We’ll see, =-)


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