And the winners are…

“Blank Interlinear” contest

Winner: Joshua G. (Indian River, MI)
Runner-Up: Dallas P. (Las Vegas, NV)

Joshua, your testimony is very powerful. You were the clear winner of the “Blank Interlinear.” This bible is the very one we built and photographed on this site (and to my knowledge it is the only completed copy of its kind). Thank you for loving the souls of your people enough to endure the difficulties! I really appreciate that you had such a clearly defined need for the bible. This blank interlinear will be useful and a great encouragement towards your future faithfulness to God’s Word and His people. (Collectively, the four-volume set also doubles as a shield to protect you from drunk women). Dallas, your commitment to making this bible for your pastor is a noble gesture. I’m certain it will encourage him. I am sending you a copy of the interlinear with the binding removed and sized blank pages ready to be inserted and bound. Congratulations!

“Blank Valley of Vision” contest

Winner: Philip N. (Cumming, GA)
Runner-Up: Bill W. (Laguna Niguel, CA)

What can I say, Philip? Jonathan Edwards spoke, the Spirit of God moved, and you did what many pastors could never do – act upon conviction, not comfort. By leaving a church of 7,000 members because of conviction, you modeled for us the depth of carefulness and prayerfulness we should bring to the direction of our lives. Someday I want to read the notes you take in this “Blank Valley of Vision” because I know they will be thoughtful and profound and will cause you to consider your ways carefully. Thank you for your testimony! Bill, how God used the words of David Brainerd on the sovereignty of God to shift the center of your life off of yourself and onto God was truly amazing. Understanding deep theology – especially the sovereignty of God – saves marriages. Amazing! Thank you for your testimony. As runner-up you win a 7-disc audio version of the Valley of Vision narrated by Max McLean. Thanks to the Banner of Truth has donated free copies of the Valley of Vision to the three other finalists (Scott N., Midland Park, NJ; Allen M., Amherstburg, Ontario; Jeff C., Sumas, WA).

Thank you to everyone who submitted essays. Each finalist carried an important message that we can all learn. I would encourage everyone to read all of the essays for the “Blank Interlinear” and the “Blank Valley of Vision.”



7 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. Tony,

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. Phillip and Bill truly deserved their prizes for the VoV essay. I hope it very useful for them. I look forward to getting my copy and beginning to read it!

    God bless.


  2. Tony:
    Thank you for your kind and generous prize. I didn’t envy you for the task of picking the winners because we were all winners. Praise God for His faithfulness to all of us who have been touched by Him through these briliant forefathers in the Faith.
    Also, thank you for your hard work not just lately but all year long as your Blog has been such a blessing to me and so many other people.
    You and your family will be in my prayers all month as you transition to your new dwelling place. Let us know how it is going after your well deserved break.


  3. Tony:
    Thank you for your kind words regarding my testimony. As we should all say – I am only responding to God’s kind patience and grace. I will guard the trust of using the Blank Valley of Vision. And, I commit to sharing all of the precious truths the Lord teaches me along the journey.
    I would also thank the many others who shared from the depths of God’s work in their lives as well. May we make it more habit than happenstance that His work in our lives is shared widely with the community of faith.
    Finally, Tony – know that we are praying for you as the transition occurs. May you hear the Shepherd’s voice as you move to a new pasture.

  4. Wow! Thank you so much Tony. I found a guy who will help with the binding and punching for about 3 bucks a volume. What a blessing. I can’t wait to make this for my pastor and think, this power tools challenged man will not lose any fingers with a table saw. Well, at least not with this project.:o)I read all the entries for each prize and was very encouraged and humbled by them. You did a great job here Tony. I thank God for your generosity and obedience and pray for God’s blessing to poured on you and the rest of the contestants. I have no doubt this will prove to be a great blessing to me, my pastor, my church, and all we share Christ with. Thanks again.


  5. Tony,

    I wept when I saw your post this morning (and then burst out in tears of laughter when I saw the comment about drunk women). You have been an instrument of God’s love and mercy. Though I am fairly new to your site, I have been greatly blessed by it. My pastoral library is stuffed with books by the puritans, reformers, and other spiritual men (and a few women) of the past. It seems at times that I am the only one interested in these writings (some of my congregants suspect that all these big old books must somehow be “liberal”). Your site is a great resource for me, and has already pointed me towards several works that look particularly valuable. Again, thank you. I am delighted to be one of the winners and eagerly anticipate using the Bible. Praise be to God.

  6. Hello men! The moving is going very well. I’m taking a break from the frigid cold Nebraska air to come inside and check email. These comments are warm encouragement I was looking for. Thank you for the kind comments and congratulations again to the winners. I have been blessed by your words and testimonies. Thank you!

    And Bill I know you are just waiting to make a comment about how warm it is in SCal. and how unfortunate that we are not driving the truck your way. =)

    Blessings, brothers!


  7. Tony:

    You are absolutely right I was having trouble breaking 90 today (couldn’t putt). However, I have not given up on you. Somethings you just have to experience on your own. “With Age Comes Wisdom”, see you in March.

    Have a good move! Is Mark Ashton driving?


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