Free Book: Come Unto Me by Tony Reinke

Free book
Come Unto Me: God’s Invitation to the World
by Tony Reinke

This time last year I was staying up late and getting out of bed very early to put the final touches on my undergraduate thesis. I convinced my secular academic adviser that it would be good to clarify the contours of the biblical gospel. I’m sure he wasn’t too thrilled.

03spurgeoncumcover.jpgFor me, the opportunity to concentrate my attention on the character of our priceless gospel was incredible. The product was the book titled Come Unto Me: God’s Invitation to the World. My primarily goal was to take advantage of an opportunity to articulate the biblical gospel — both the work of Christ and the act of faith — with my academic adviser and fellow classmates.

Secondly, my non-Christian audience pushed me to think hard at how to best articulate the biblical worldview, something I had not consciously worked through in the past.

Finally, the book helps me retain an important balance in my personal ministry. There are several contours of the gospel and each are easy to forget or minimize.

The invitation to God, from God, is a biblical message filled with rich diversity. For those who accept it, this message requires sorrow and promises inexpressible joy. The invitation comes without price and costs everything. The invitation includes an offer of a relationship to God that is both forensic (or legal) and yet conjugal (or marital). The invitation to God is a call to leave past burdens and take up new burdens.

Frequently I need to be reminded of these important contours.

And so now I offer this book for your reading. It’s free for you to download and read. Thanks to the help of gracious friends, it now comes in three mouth-watering flavors:

1. Come Unto Me in HTML format. This is the basic text format but ideal if you are interested in browsing or reading the content online. Click here for HTML.

2. Come Unto Me in PDF format. Ideal if you are interested in downloading and printing the book. This file preserves the original pagination and formatting. Click here to download the PDF file.

3. Come Unto Me in LOGOS format. Ideal if you want to incorporate my research of the biblical gospel into your own research. Thanks to my friends at StillTruth, you can download and install my book into your Logos software. Click here to access the StillTruth Webpage and download.


20 thoughts on “Free Book: Come Unto Me by Tony Reinke

  1. pw … thank you for the kind comments.

    jc … Actually I studied Liberal Arts at a business school (Bellevue University) near Omaha, NE. I was encouraged to pursue learning about my own interests. But being one of the few conservative Christians in the program I was working hard to articulate the gospel to my fellow classmates who ranged in values from humanism, feminism, atheism, agnosticism and religious relativism. And even the political conservatives — fellow classmates who agreed with me on many things like economics, political philosophy, etc. — also needed to hear the biblical gospel. I went back to school to just complete my degree but by God’s grace it was time used to push me closer to Himself. I would encourage other students out there not to shy away from secular schools. You can have a defining impact (Although you may also pay an academic price for firmly believing in the gospel). At the end of the story, God blessed my undergraduate testimony and I was chosen to represent 1,200 graduates (both undergraduates and graduate students) by giving the commencement address. All told there were about 4,000 people in attendance. I took this educational experience to show that when Christians are willing to step forward and sacrifice reputation for the gospel AND remain diligent with their schoolwork AND are loving towards their classmates, God opens doors for the spread of the gospel. So that’s the long answer to where I studied. The school was very good, but God is great!



  2. Amen Tony. Way to be a Daniel and exalt our great God.

    Good to see you on Christmas eve, hope your visit with the fam was good.


  3. erik,

    Yes, we had a very encouraging time in Omaha! It was great to see you again and Pat and Martin and Walter and so many other friends. Wow, we miss you guys much!


  4. have just downloaded it looks fantastic thank God for people like you in the world.
    from Australia

  5. I recently discovered your blog as a link from Monergism. It is such a treasure mine of wonderful materials. Thank you for your time and resources.
    Do you plan to have Come Unto Me published. It really looks good…and, your purpose in writing and presenting it were outstanding.
    God Bless you as God uses you in the future.

  6. Dan, thank you! I would love to see it printed if the opportunity arises. Whether that will happen is left to the graciousness of God. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words! Tony

  7. Tony, I leaped inside when I saw this little book. I have always LOVED this part of Michelangelo’s painting and had the privilege to see it two years ago during my trip to Italy with my Italian immigrant parents. (Couldn’t take a picture though—“NO FOTO!!”) I met my husband Jim in 1974 at a bible study while we were both students at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore. A fellow student shared the Gospel with us and would drive us to Wash DC to the “TAG” gathering. (Yes, I remember CJ with hair, long blond locks:-) Our lives were radically changed. We were married in June 1976 and have loved to share the Gospel ever since.
    I love this painting because it is a beautiful image of RECONCILIATION. Truly “God’s invitation to the world”, as you say. It is perfect for your little book.
    Now, since I’m new to the blog world and have much to learn
    about computers in general, I am about to ask what I’m sure is a foolish question…is this book not available in print and bound with this cover? If it was, I would love to purchase a few copies! If not, I guess I’ll print what I can. Thank you for writing this,(and for your new endeavor in shadowing CJ. Looking forward to much encouragement, wisdom and of course, humor) God bless you.
    A debtor to mercy,
    Susan Lytle

  8. Hello Susan! Thanks for the kind words. It is indeed an honor to follow C.J. around and hear of God’s grace and the impact he made even early in his ministry. I’m starting to hear some of the funny stories from these early days, too. Oh, my. Four hour weddings!?! How long was your wedding, Susan? :-)

    To answer your question, this book exists only in electronic form. I has not been printed and bound (and likely will never be).

    Blessings, Susan!


  9. Hey Tony,

    we talked sometime back about publishing. Any news on that front for your book? I just read the 3rd chapter of yours and really enjoyed it especially the three evidences of a dehydrated soul. good stuff!!!

    Nate Palmer from SGM church in Frisco (that’s Dallas) TX.

  10. I’m Italian Tony, therefore my wedding was….let’s just say OVER four. :o) (Hey, maybe that’s the key…31 + years-ha)
    I’ll print the book.
    Thanks again and many blessings to you and yours,

  11. Nate, thanks for the kind words. It was great to see Craig in town recently. … Personally, I don’t think this book is worthy of printing to date. Perhaps with a bit of refinement in the future. I’ll keep this in mind.

    And thanks, Susan, for this laugh!


  12. Hey Tony,

    Have you checked out Amazon bought this on-demand publisher and is changing the way the industry works. Basically they charge no up front fees they just take a % of sales. The book is put on amazon and changes that are made to either content or cover can just be uploaded. Its great. I am going to do that for my book while I work with a free-lance editor. Check it out

  13. I have just downloaded. it looks so good.
    I am not good at reading in English, but I’d like to give a shot.(^.^) Thank God for meet you on web.
    I’d like to follow our faithful ancesters(..From Apostle Paul..Augustine..calvin..puritans..Dr.Lloyd Jones…)

    From south Korea.
    Chan Yang(means “praise” in korean)
    It’s same meaning Such as Juda, son of Jacop.^^

  14. Just finished reading “Come Unto Me” Two words- THE BEST!
    I haven’t had my heart touched like that since I was in Bible College over 34 years ago. Thank you for allowing our Lord to use you and thanks to all those who made this work possible esp your family.
    Pastor Shannon Powers

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