Humble Calvinism: Series index


Humble Calvinism: Full series index


“A world-class theologian, a revered exegete, a renowned teacher, an ecclesiastical statesman, an influential Reformer — he was all of these and more. His name was John Calvin.”– Steven J. Lawson, The Expository Genius of John Calvin


Humble Calvinism > Full Posts

1. John Calvin (1509-1564)
2. Why John Calvin?
(Why Calvinism? Why now?)
3. The Institutes > Intro
4. The Institutes > Knowing God and knowing self (1.1)
5. The Institutes > The all-sufficient God of Scripture (1.2)
6. The Institutes > The implanted knowledge of God (1.3)
7. The Institutes > Weaving a wicker basket god (1.4)
8. The Institutes > ‘Radical’ depravity (1.5)
9. The Institutes > Clinging to a thread (1.6)
10. The Institutes > The self-authenticated Word (1.7)
11. The Institutes > Proofs of Scripture’s authenticity (1.8 )
12. The Institutes > The “mutual bond” of God’s power and Word (1.9)calvininstitutes.jpg
13. The Institutes > Experiencing God (1.10)
14. The Institutes > The idol factory (1.11)
15. The Institutes > God is One (1.12)
16. The Institutes > God is Three (1.13)
17. The Institutes > Viewing God’s Theater (1.14)
18. The Institutes > The Spirit’s Application of the Gospel (3.1)
19. The Institutes > What is Faith? Pt. 1 (3.2.1-5)



1. Humble Calvinism Essentials (Institutes and McGrath bio)
2. New book > Calvin: The preacher A good corrective by Lawson
3. Review > Sermons on the Beatitudes by Calvin
4. Review > Calvin’s Teaching on Job by Derek Thomas
5. Review > Chosen for Life by Sam Storms
6. Quote > The importance of Calvinism by Steven Lawson
7. Quote > Calvinism and the redemption of counseling
by David Powlison

(Tim Challies has made the world fully aware of my biblio-photographic nerdiness. Thanks Tim for the humility. I need more of it!)


Misc. articles and posts

1. D. Clair Davis > “What’s so good about being a Calvinist?
2. Journaling > A Day in the Life of a Humble Calvinist

3. 2007 Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference details
4. Bonar > The Humble Calvinist in the work of God
5. Packer > Humble Calvinism and evangelism
6. Calvin > The weight, beauty and comfort of the Gospel
7. Kuyper > This all-embracing predestination



Humble Calvinism image cards: B.B. Warfield, John Calvin, Loraine Boettner, George Whitefield. Do you have a great Calvinism quote? Post it in the comments at the bottom of this post and it may become an image card.


Reviews and notes

– The banner graphic was lifted straight from the creative minds of Sovereign Grace Ministries New Attitude group. Thanks for the graphic inspiration and the spiritual inspiration to live out humble orthodoxy! (2007.01.09)


18 thoughts on “Humble Calvinism: Series index

  1. We’re in this for the long haul… now if I can just find new copies of the Institutes for under $50 (the cheapest I’ve found them is at so I can better follow along. Glad to see this topic and can’t wait to learn more as the series progresses!

  2. A quote on Calvinism, if you can verify the source. My pastor repeatedly “quotes” (but cannot provide the source) J.I. Packer as saying “There are two kinds of Christians: Calvinists and confused Calvinists.”

  3. Could you provide me with a brief summary of Calvin’s contribution to the Reformation? Thank you.

  4. DS, hello! I would say in a simply definition: John Calvin helped spread the German Reformation begun by Luther to France (which had not really experienced the Reformation until Calvin came along). Calvin is also the one Reformer who left immense verse-by-verse exegetical writings in his commentaries and the author of the most important codification of the Reformation theology (in the Institutes). Hope this helps. See the biography by Piper linked above for more. Blessings, Tony

  5. “God is the decider and the determiner of every man’s destiny, the controller of every detail in every individual’s life, which is another way of saying “He is God.” – John MAcArthur

  6. “I believe that by my own reason or strength I cannot believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord, or come to him. But the Holy Spirit has called me through the Gospel, enlightened me with his gifts, and sanctified and preserved me in true faith.” – Martin Luther

  7. One more: “Those who have received salvation are to attribute it to sovereign grace alone, and to give all the praise to Him, who makes them to differ from others.” – Jonathan Edwards

  8. I find this “humble calvinism” ironic in title. John Calvin, in my readings, is anything but. His attitude toward his one town-one order methods and his self-righteous public murder screams of arrogance. I believe in predestination, election and so on (because the Word tells us), but I do not lift this man as an apostle as many “reformed” Christians do. He is best described as a tyrant. Spurgeon said “Whatever he has written lives on,” but so does many other writers works. Spurgeon made an error which lives in my mind…”He called Calvin, “The greatest man of woman born.” Last time I checked the Word it was John the Baptist.

  9. Hello, Jonathan. This series is a celebration of the biblical teaching of John Calvin. We’re not elevating Calvin to the status of untouchable. Were saying how can we learn–humbly!–the content behind the reformed tradition. Calvin was a genius at piecing together the far-reaching implications of theology.

    Early in this series I wrote: “We are focusing on Calvin, but not because he was perfect. He had character faults. Calvin was irritable, distant and a bit cold (not unlike myself at times). Nor was Calvin infallible. At some secondary points in his teachings I must disagree. John Owen said of the patristic writers we should take the gold and leave the dung. There is much gold in Calvin, but not all of it. Would Calvin want to be considered an infallibly guide anyways?”

    But I don’t believe Calvin is the monster you’ve tried to present. His life bears many marks of humility (and especially in the prayers that flowed from an obviously mature Christian). During one of Calvin’s sermons on Micah he prayed:

    “Almighty God, our heavenly Father, seeing that since antiquity it has always pleased You to extend Your grace toward Your people, as perverse and rebellious as they were; and that You have never ceased to exhort them to repentance, but have always taken them by Your hand through Your prophets; grant us also Your grace today, that Your same Word may resound in our ears; and, if at first we should not profit from Your holy teaching as we ought; nonetheless, do not reject us; but by Your Spirit subdue and so reign over our minds and affections, that being truly humbled and brought low, we give You the glory that Your majesty is due; so that being clothed by Your love and fatherly favor, we may submit ourselves totally to You, while at the same time embracing that goodness which You have provided and offered us in our Lord Jesus; that we might never doubt again that You alone are our Father, until that day that we rejoice in Your heavenly promise, which has been acquired for us by the blood of Your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

    That prayer is what I seek! I seek to follow this example of humble Calvinism, and this series is a means to it. Blessings, Jonathan.

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