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Outrageous Mercy by Wm. P. Farley

Given the fact that my favorite book apart from the Bible (The Precious Things of God) is out of print, I’m accustomed to promoting books that are hard to find. Add this one to a growing list of excellent but (sadly) out-of-print books.

Published in 2004, Outrageous Mercy by Wm. P. Farley is a powerful, Cross-centered book. I especially appreciate the straightforwardness of the content. The fact is that we are surrounded by a church culture that does not routinely value the Cross. Farley does a good job explaining how churches degenerate but he also does a great job showing the biblical basis and daily implications of the Cross.

It was originally published by Baker and may take some time to locate. Here are a few quotes that stand out …

“We can put the cross on the back shelf and still be Christians, but the slide will continue. The children of those who accept a Christianity centered in something other than the cross won’t put the cross on the back shelf; they will put Christianity on the back shelf. And the next generation might even forget the faith altogether” (p. 35).

“’I wish I had a deeper experience of the love of God,’ we complain. Well, look at the cross. That is where God’s love is displayed. It appears nowhere else with such clarity. Meditate on it. Run to the glorious God revealed there. Put your trust in him. He is intensely interested in your eternal happiness” (p. 46).

“At the cross, the love of God and the wrath of God shake hands; the mercy of God and the justice of God embrace; and the holiness of God and the sinfulness of humanity appear in stark contrast. The cross teaches us to fear God and delight in his love at the same time” (p. 53).

I’ll be posting a very powerful quote about John Newton soon (and a few other quotes from this book next week). Bottom line: any effort to find this book will be richly rewarded!


Title: Outrageous Mercy: Rediscover the Radical Nature of Christianity
Author: Wm. P. Farley
Boards: paper
Pages: 184
Binding: glue
Paper: normal
Topical index: no
Scriptural index: no
Text: perfect type
Publisher: Baker Books (out-of-print)
Year: 2004
Price USD: ?
ISBNs: 0801064929



1. The Centrality of the Cross
2. Foundations
3. God 101
4. The Worst of Sinners
5. For God’s Glory
6. Crucified Flesh
7. God’s Spiritual Boot Camp
8. I Will Boast No More
9. The Foolishness of God’s Wisdom
10. The Supreme Sufferer in the Universe
11. The Heart of Worship

5 thoughts on “Book announcement > Outrageous Mercy by Wm. P. Farley

  1. I took you up on your recommendation and was able to find a copies through ALBIRIS. Here is a link ( I pray it works correctly) to a number of copies they link to at good prices.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.

  2. Hello Tony, I just wanted to let you know, I have made a copy of the New Testament Blank Bible. It is a great idea, I’ll be completing the OT soon. Also, I found a copy of Bill Farley’s book on I will be seeing him this weekend, and will ask him if there is a way of getting copies directly from him. I’ll write back in a week or so. Thanks~Steve Hannula

  3. Hello Steve, It’s always great to hear about the various blank bibles. And when you see Bill this weekend tell him thanks for the wonderful book! Tony

  4. I agree with your review of this book. I have found several copies for $5 at the bargain shelves of Christian bookstores. I have found they don’t always know real treasure and have found many excellent books there.

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