Happy Birthday, Tony!

Happy Birthday Tony

TSS has been hacked!

This Sunday, January 21st, 25 years after the above picture (5 candles), Tony is celebrating another birthday. (Sorry, this homeschooling mom couldn’t resist a math lesson.) We thank God for His amazing grace in Tony’s life — grace that equips him to use each year to the greater glory of God. His love and care for our family, his burden for this blog, and his love for the local church brings honor to the Father Who created him and Who has graciously given him another birthday.

We love you, Tony!

Happy Birthday!

Psalm 9:1-2: “I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of Your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and exult in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.”

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28 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tony!

  1. LOL! Let this be a warning all bloggers who are married to a blogger! I just arrived home from a fun breakfast meeting with my man SteveB (a Humble Calvinist) to find that my wife had hacked into my blog and posted these kind comments. What a precious wife! Unexpected and overwhelming. Thank you, Kare!

  2. HONK! HONK! Happy 30th birthday, Bro! I think this the first birthday since those 5 candles I will have missed. Sending you a virtual carrot cake with raisins to celebrate. My computer is the lone Apple around here now – come back and visit soon! I love you! -L’ Amy

    Oh, and if you ever need to reminisce about your “20s”, just give me a ring. :-)

  3. TONY, love the whole dukes of hazzard cake and shirt. what so moved you about that show that you wanted a cake and made sure you wore your shirt that day? LOVE IT.!!!!!!! all i can say is that im glad your affections are placed now at the Cross. with your zeal and passion for the Cross who knows where your affections would’ve been placed. what GLORIOUS GRACE that saves us from the small delights of earth and properly places them on HIM who alone is worthy. i love you brother. im so GLAD you are here in mpls!!!happy 30th-tom fluharty

  4. Just a clarifier … I will continue to be in “my 20s” until midnight Saturday. :-) There will be no reminiscing until then.

    Thanks Ames! But no thanks on the raisins in the baked goods (Did you know raisins in baked goods is a symbol of idolatry? – Hosea 3:1 – And rightfully so!) :-)

    Tom, thank you for those words. Yes, where would I be if Christ had not subdued my pursuit of temporary joys? The Cross is everything … thanks for helping me flesh this out 24/7!

  5. Here’s a HONK for you, Tony! Happy 30th b-day (in 2 days)! You’ve outlived David Brainerd, Henry Martyn, and R.M. M’Cheyne, and Keith Green! “One of these things is not like the other…” Which one?

    What a joy it is to now have you in MPLS! And to be in a small group with you and K! I already feel richer.

    Hold on tight, the 30’s move faster than the 20’s. And great days are ahead for you.

    Jon Bloom

  6. “Raisins in baked goods” is not a symbol of idolatry. Hosea 3:1 says “cakes of raisins” (ESV) or “raisin cakes” (NASB). I will not send you a cake OF raisins, but rather WITH raisins. HONK!

  7. Happy B-Day Tony!!! It has been a real blessing knowing you albeit via the internet. Don’t understand the HONK thing, is that the Canadian geese flying over Minneapolis wishing you their best?
    Jon Bloom is right about time going by so quickly, I will be 2x you next month and just yesterday I was wearing my Howdy Doody shirt for my 5th birthday. So whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

  8. Jon .. I think only Green was musically inclined. Is that what’s different? I was just thinking about these men and how much they accomplished at their early deaths. Amazing and very humbling.

    And I thank you for the HONK (I was expecting the screaming monkey) :-) (He flies! He screams! … and apparently he can knock a hole in drywall, too).

    It’s an honor to know, worship with and learn from you! Wish you were coming North with the guys. Maybe next time.



  9. Howdy to you Bill (with a tip of the hat) … Don’t you have something better to do in sunny SoCal than check blogs? Can’t you go golfing, get a tan or go swimming in the ocean? I’m waiting outside for Dove One to pick me up. Benny and I are hangin’ out for the day. We’ll come and get you if you want. :-)

    Blessings, brother!


  10. Tony:

    I need to check your blog everyday in order to be inoculated with “Humble Tonyism” in order to survive out here in SoCal.

    I think you are right about Keith Green, nice of Jon to give you a slow pich question on your B-Day. I would only add Henry Scougal to his list.

    Sure come on by with Benny in his Dove One maybe we can pick up Mark A in Omaha and go ice fishing with Ole in your new backyard! ;>)

  11. Tony,

    Honk! Honk! Honk! How can you really be 30 already? That 5th birthday doesn’t seem like it was that long ago.This is really going to be different not having you here in Omaha to celebrate your birthday. Hope you have a great day Sunday! We love you always.

    Mom and Dad

  12. Hey bro! Have a great birthday! I’m guessing that since I didn’t get a response to my DMB collection e-mail that the awnser is yes! Thank you so much! :) 30 lbs of almond joys are headed your way…yummm!!



  13. Al, thanks (I think). Feel free to add the Almond Joys (coconut) to the stack of raisin cakes that are certainly unclean. Miss everyone back home. Hello mom and dad! Talk to you all soon!

  14. HONK Tony! and I mean HONK! what a blessing it is getting to know you here in mpls. your gifitings are a true blessing to us all, as is your blog. i praise God for gifting you with the ability to express your affection for Him in such a coherent way in writing, and to be able to see your affection for Him expressed in your humble manners, desire to grow and desire to use your giftings for His glory. happy HONKIN” birthday!
    -chris h-t

  15. Chris, thank you for the kind and encouraging words. You and Diane are an answer to three-years of prayer that God would provide a SGM small group where we can grow and learn from more mature Christians. God has answered this prayer through your faithfulness to the ministry. K and I are honored to know and grow with you here in Minneapolis. Thanks for the HONK!


  16. Hi Tony – I want to wish you a fabulous birthday with your family and friends in your new home. I also hope that you have a happy, healthy, fulfilling year ahead. love Mamie

  17. Matthew 28:20
    (Jesus said):I will be with you always,to the very end of the age.
    Blessings to you Tony on your birthday sunday. Hope your day is filled with fun, good food, birthday cake and ice cream. Karalee will make that possible and of course Jonny and Christabel will enjoy the food too.

    Big Papa and Great Mama.

  18. Happy Birthday Tony!
    Thanks for sharing your passion for the Doctrines of Grace and Humble Calvinism to the glory of God.

  19. Hi Tony! :-)
    “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Tony! Happy Birthday to you!”
    PLUS: “HONK!” times 30
    A silent “Birthday Song” AND 30 silent “Honks!” Life is great!
    We give thanks to God on this memorable 30th birthday for giving us Tony! Enjoy and celebrate this happy day!
    With love,
    Lynne (a.k.a “Gran”)

  20. WOW. Thats the word that comes to mind. I’m sitting here in my office tonight after the most wonderful birthday celebration I could have imagined. My parents and one sister showed up unexpectedly (though my wife had it planned all along). And the little birthday lunch with the Bm’s and H-Ts turned out to be the entire small group, the Flus, Bices (all told about 45 people or so). It was an amazing time. Thank you for all the warm comments from everyone who stopped in to celebrate here at the online birthday party. What a wonderful weekend. God’s grace is amazing in giving us what we don’t deserve in His Son and then lavishing still further blessings and joys on top of that already precious Gift. Thank you to everyone!

    – A humbled Tony

  21. Honks for you my friend. Happy 30! May your name be found along with the likes of Brainerd, M’Cheyne, Martyn, and Green. Salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. Press on in the God you know. Perhaps in 20 years you will be half done. May He grant your candle a long wick of good service.

  22. Happy Birthday from a new reader. I love the Dukes of Hazzard theme! Reminds me of when I was a boy. It’s funny how some things never change: we just celebrated my son’s 4th b-day and the theme was from the movie Cars. Anyway, I’ve truly enjoyed reading your series on Humble Calvinism. God has gifted you with great insight and a gift for conveying it in words. Keep up the good work and stay humble. :)

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