2007 Banner of Truth Pastor’s Conference details

This year I’m planning to attend two new conferences. The first is the Sovereign Grace Ministries Leadership Conference in April and the other is the Banner of Truth pastors’botconf.jpg conference in May. I’ve heard about them but never seen them for myself. Lord willing, this spring I will attend them both.

As you may have guessed, one of the major reasons I am spending so much time in John Calvin these first months of 2007 is to prepare for the upcoming Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference entitled “Set Apart for God.” The conference runs between May 29th and 31st on the campus of Messiah College in Grantham, PA. Speakers will include two of my favorites, Derek Thomas and Walt Chantry (Chantry wrote the excellent book, The Shadow of the Cross). I look forward to Dr. Thomas’ trio of presentations on holiness, especially as they relate to Calvin’s Institutes. It is encouraging to see emphasis on Calvin’s understanding of the Christian life (as I think he has much to offer here). Dr. Thomas wrote an excellent book on Calvin’s understanding of the book of Job which has recently become one of my favorites. We’ll look more at this book on Friday.

bot.jpgUPDATE 3/14: Walt Chantry will not be available to speak this year. Instead, Sinclair Ferguson will be taking his place.

But for more information on the pastors’ conference you can download the newly-released conference PDF here and you can register here. Should be a fun time. And from what I’m told, Friends of the Shepherd’s Scrapbook will get an exclusive tour of the Banner of Truth warehouse in Carlise, PA as an added bonus!

9 thoughts on “2007 Banner of Truth Pastor’s Conference details

  1. The first is the Sovereign Grace Ministries Leadership Conference in April…

    W00t. I’m hoping to be there as a first-timer as well. Perhaps I’ll get to shake your hand!

  2. Dluxe, that would be great! The SGM conference is going to be great. C.J. Mahaney, Bob Kauflin and David Powlison are all ‘heroes’ of mine! Can’t wait! And my pastor will be giving an address on “The Pastor in Communion” at 900 AM on Thursday. That will be great as well. See you there,


  3. Are you planning on pulling a Challies in the conferences and doing some live-blogging? He needs some competition, you know?

  4. Tim Challies is the undisputed live blogger in the Christian world. But I’m going to try my hand at live blogging and photographing the BoT conference. So, yes I’ll be LB but no, Tim has no competition from me. Tony

  5. Live-blogging AND photographing together? Even the number one live blogger himself doesn’t do both!

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