100,000 hits!

100,000 hits!

Party time! Today or tonight will mark the 100,000th hit at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook blog. To celebrate were giving away free books (sorry no blank bibles this time). I’ve got three wonderful book prizes in front of me …

1. The Valley of Vision paperback
2. John Piper’s newest book Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce
3. A.W. Pink’s classic The Doctrine of Sanctification

Here’s how you win. You’ll need to know how to take computer screenshots. As soon as the 100,000th hit takes place, take a screen shot of the TSS hit counter (see “Blog Stats” on the right sidebar). Send us the picture. The nearest to 100,000 wins and the next closest (ex. 100,003) gets second place and so on. Three prizes … three winners. First place chooses between the 3 books, second place chooses between two books and the third winner gets what’s left.

Please don’t just re-load the page and please don’t PhotoShop manipulate images either. :-)

Blessings to you all and thank you for reading and supporting The Shepherd’s Scrapbook! I do appreciate the many friendships this blog has initiated over the past several months. Thank you!


tony AT tonyreinke DOT com


And the winners are …

1. James T. (London)

2. Gareth R. (Nottingham, England)

3. Jeff C.

9 thoughts on “100,000 hits!

  1. Ha ha. 8-)

    Your photos are so good-looking, they are being used elsewhere. Was it at monergismbooks.com that I saw them?

  2. You’ll see them all over the Web. The New Attitude website has one, Justin Taylor has used one, bookstores are using them and Monergism has used several. Fun to see where they end up! Tony

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