The Puritan Study: Series Index

“Tony Reinke’s ‘The Puritan Study’ series over at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook is an excellent help for pastors wanting to incorporate Puritan literature into their devotional diet and ministry preparation.”

Ligon Duncan. Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS; President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals; Adjunct Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary; Past Moderator, General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (2004-2005); Convener, Twin Lakes Fellowship; Chairman, Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood


The Puritan Study was born out of two convictions. First, the faithful Puritan preachers offer much biblical wisdom to the 21st century. Secondly, the church aims to remainplib.jpg faithful to the expositional ministry of the Word. Without advocating an exposition that overlooks the insights of previous generations, nor placing an improper emphasis on Puritan literature over Scripture, the church needs to think about how we can complement our expositions of Scripture with the great Puritan literature. This conviction pushed me to rethink my own use of the Puritans and to re-build a Puritan library specifically suited for expositional preaching.

The Puritan Study series covers many related topics: Which Puritans are most helpful in expositions? How do electronic and printed books work together? How do we effectively and quickly search Puritan literature? How can I implement specific Puritan insights into my sermons? And, how can I build a useful Puritan library of my own?

Overall, I hope that my readers will gain a healthy respect for the Puritan preachers from a long-passed era that encourages us to be biblically faithful to our own generation. My prayer is that the Puritan Study series will help our lives and preaching become more biblically mature.


// Main series posts

Part 1: The delights and pains of Puritan study
Part 2: The rules of a Puritan library
Part 3: The people of a Puritan library
Part 4: Why our effective use of the Puritans begins with our Bibles
Part 5: Print book searches
Part 6: Electronic searches
Part 7: Using the Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Part 8: To quote or not to quote?
Part 9: The strategy of building a Puritan library
Part 10: Concluding thoughts, part 1
Part 11: Concluding thoughts, part 2
Part 12: Q&A > Which Puritan should I start with?
Part 13: Photographs of the Puritan Library


// Full book reviews

1. The Complete Works of Thomas Boston (12 volumes)
2. The Works of John Flavel (6 volumes)
3. The Gospel Life Series by Jeremiah Burroughs (6 volumes)
4. The Works of Thomas Goodwin (12 volumes)

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