Calvinism and the redemption of counseling

David Powlison
Calvinism and the redemption of counseling

“Most of the Christian counseling world is not Calvinistic. Most often, ‘Christian counseling’ consists of lightly reworked versions of secular theories and practices, embedded in a professional fee-for-service structure indistinguishable from the mental health system. Though practitioners of a Christianized psychotherapy sincerely profess Christian faith, they too-often ignore basic implications of biblical faith … Wise Calvinism is the hope of counseling. Practical Calvinism! The varied wisdoms necessary for curing what needs curing come into their own via a world view and modus operandi that operates in terms of the Lord of heaven and earth. Theocentricity, coram Deo, the Five Points [of Calvinism], the solas, and the rest will prove to be the redemption of counseling.”

David Powlison in The Practical Calvinist (Mentor: 2002) pp. 497, 504.

Title: The Practical Calvinist: An Introduction to the Presbyterian and Reformed Heritage, In Honor of D. Clair Davis’ Thirty Years at Westminster Theological Seminary
Author: 29 contributors; edited by Peter A. Lillback
Reading level: 3.0/5.0 > Moderate
Boards: hardcover
Pages: 584
Volumes: 1
Dust jacket: no
Binding: glue
Paper: normal
Topical index: yes
Scriptural index: yes
Text: perfect text
Publisher: Christian Focus, Mentor
Year: 2002
Price USD: $37.99 / $27.99 at CBD
ISBNs: 1857928148


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