Feasting on the Word: How to teach hermeneutics

Feasting on the Word
How to teach hermeneutics

Training a church in the way of proper bible interpretation is both very difficult and yet provides the potential of great fruitfulness. As your people are empowered to interpret and study Scripture for themselves, personal faith is strengthened and quite meditation times are made more fruitful.

I had the honor to sit in on the “Feasting on the Word” course taught by Mark Alderton, Associate pastor of Sovereign Grace Fellowship (Minneapolis, MN). If you are interested in bringing a hermeneutics seminar to your congregation I would highly recommend reading and listening to Alderton’s presentation first. I would say he did an excellent job of not only teaching the tools of hermeneutics but also edifying the body with the Gospel. This was first-rate, Cross-centered hermeneutics.

Here are the resources:

– PDF Booklet (2.6 MB)
– Session 1 MP3 (10.7 MB)
– Session 2 MP3 (8.5 MB)
– Session 3 MP3 (8 MB)
– Session 4 MP3 (10.7 MB)
– Session 5 MP3 (10 MB)

8 thoughts on “Feasting on the Word: How to teach hermeneutics

  1. thanks for posting this, Tony…I’ve heard about this before and noted it as something that we might be able to adapt for our church. until now, I didn’t know where to find it.

  2. I’m happy to say that you have heard rightly. at the same time we’ve reached a crisis point with it in terms of needing someone who has the vision and energy to keep it going, which may mean that Graphe’s going on vacation for a while…hopefully not a permanent one, though.

  3. Thanks Tony. Very very helpful. Thanks for pointing this resource to us.

    It is always encouraging when the material is so clear and ennables good tuning for an orchestrated purposeful effort to life long bible study.


  4. The sermons links are dead and I could not find them online. Could you send me the correct links? I would love to listen to these messages. Thanks!

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