God, all-sufficient

God, all-sufficient
by Thomas Brooks (1608-1680)

O Christians! God is an all-sufficient portion!
His power is all-sufficient to protect you;
His wisdom is all-sufficient to direct you;
His mercy is all-sufficient to pardon you;
His goodness is all-sufficient to provide for you;
His word is all-sufficient to support you and strengthen you;
His grace is all-sufficient to adorn you and enrich you;
His Spirit is all-sufficient to lead you and comfort you!
What more can you desire?

O sirs! God is one infinite perfection in Himself!
God has within Himself …
all good,
all glory,
all dignity,
all riches,
all treasures,
all pleasures,
all delights,
all comforts,
all contentments,
all joys,
all beatitudes!

All are eminently, transcendently, and perfectly in Him!

God is a sufficient portion . . .
to secure your souls,
to supply all your needs,
to satisfy all your desires,
to answer all your expectations,
to suppress all your enemies,
to bring you to glory!

What more can you desire?

– from the Works of Thomas Brooks

6 thoughts on “God, all-sufficient

  1. Thanks for the Brooks quote. I bought his works recently (on your suggestion) and am loving them. What a deep love for God he had! Btw, did you mean Works of Thomas Brooks in the attribution at the end or did you find this quote in Boston’s works?

  2. Ah, yes, Brooks! I love his works. He is as refreshing as his name.

    My name is Lane Keister. I am a PCA pastor in North Dakota. I came across your blog on the Puritanboard, and I really like what you are doing here, so I have put a link to your blog on mine.

  3. Hi Tony! Thanks for this Brooks quote. I haven’t read any of Brooks, but I do hope to eventually. This poem has made me want to all the more. Only problem is, I just purchased the Works of John Owen, so I’ll have to get through all of them before my mother will let me purchase any other books (I’m in high school, jfyi-just for your information).

    Anyway, thanks again!

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