New ESV bible seeks to reach the lost

Our friends at Crossway and Good News have been pumping out a ton of different editions of the ESV (literally). So many, in fact, that I no longer notice when another new edition is released. That was until today. I just can’t seem to figure out this latest version. It features the complete New Testament and Psalm 23. It comes prepackaged in a large crate to protect it in cargo parachute drops. And what an odd logo on the front?!? Even the ISBN appears strange (4815162342). But maybe the strangest of all is that I found it in my backyard with a small parachute resting gently on top of it and a strobe light pulsing away. Anyway, I suppose this new edition serves some purpose in spreading the gospel to a lost people group.

HT: Mr. Eko


18 thoughts on “New ESV bible seeks to reach the lost

  1. I wonder why there’s a snake on the cover? It seems that the target audience is “New Agers”.

    Wonder why there’s no OT?

  2. *Sigh*… maybe I fell for this bit of satire b/c in actuality, there exist publications similar to this one.

    I’m guessing that’s what you were going for with this post, eh?

  3. To think that I was as lost in my sin as Jack, Kate and Sawyer are lost on some island. With my own foolishness I sabotage all ways of escape, turning from the gospel, stuck and landlocked by the condemnation I deserve, running from the inevitable cloud of God’s judgment. “But God” broke into my life, freed me from my sin and poured His wrath out upon His Son Jesus in my stead! Now I’m free and alive, raised from the dead and given new affections to see the beauty of the cross! Amazing grace upon this Lost sinner! – Tony

  4. very Tony Rienke…nicely done.

    before reading the comments I was just staring at that thing wondering why it looked so familiar (we watched season 2 on DVD like 6 mos ago)…i was totally duped.

    btw, hello from Omaha where there are flurries this am…

  5. Hello Erik! Yes, a dusting of snow here in MN this AM as well. We are not yet out of snow season. It’s good to hear from you. Pass along a hearty hello to Pat and Chris! Blessings, Tony

  6. Okay, the rabbit is out of the hatch. I’m referring in this picture to ABCs popular LOST series. But this is not an endorsement of the series for one or two reasons (bloodshed, killing, murder, graphic torturing, fornication, adultery, swearing, backbiting, lying, con-ing, drug use, drunkenness and an evil black cloud that kills people). But it’s a good reminder that people like those depicted in the series need Christ, just like we do! (And thankfully that evil cloud thing has been defeated at the Cross). -Tony

  7. you know, i’ve been thinking that bauer and crew over at ctu might be in need of hearing the gospel … ;-)

  8. For someone who has no television service… “Lost” was an accurate description for what was going on in my head when I looked at this. I obviously didn’t get the joke, but that’s some great photoshop work!

  9. I have to admit that, had it been real, I would have totally purchased one of these. It is a weekly discipline to not use LOST illustrations in my preaching. My wife limits me to one per year.

    Thanks for the great laugh!

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