Hello everyone! The conference has been wonderful but a reliable Internet connection and free time have not been available so I’ll give more detailed updates later. All I can say now is that Gamache, Dever and Sproul have been wonderful. When I return to MN I’ll take time to reflect on each session individually. Mark Dever’s presentation this morning on reading old theologians answered some key questions I’ve asked about whether the church fathers are useful exegetically or not. I’ll update later, but time is short and I want to spend more time in the details. Blessings from Maryland! Tony

3 thoughts on “Conference

  1. Wow, I’m looking forward to the Dever update! That is something that has been rattling around in my head since you first brought the topic up.

  2. Can’t believe you’re so close, Tony, and glad that the conference is going well. I had a great week at Twin Lakes Fellowship down in Jackson, MS, also. Sure looking forward to you being with us next month for the Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference. Let’s touch base regarding your flights, etc. You still thinking of coming in Monday and staying at our house?
    Steve B. (Banner of Truth)

  3. Tony, I have been trying to email you without success. Perhaps you could email me back please.

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