Sermon Notes: The Atonement

atonement.jpgSermon Notes: The Atonement

Last night I was graciously provided an opportunity to preach on the Atonement to a group of youth. I tried to make three overall points. First, a relationship with holy God demands perfect obedience to His Law (NPP debate). Thus, the Law silences every sinner in their guilt. Secondly, I tried to highlight the Old Testament atonement imagery in light of Christ’s work on the Cross. And third, I attempted to communicate the perfect sufficiency of the Atoning work of Christ. We see this sufficiency not only in being forgiven and “getting saved” but also in the Lamb Who is the source of the River of Life. The Atonement Lamb is both sufficient to cleanse from the guilt of sin AND sufficient to fill us with spiritual life, joy and hope! May the beauty of this Lamb soak our hearts!

The Atonement – 4/29/07 – Lesson Notes (pdf)
The Atonement – 4/29/07 – Lesson Handouts (pdf)
The Atonement – 4/29/07 – Lesson Audio (mp3) 19.6 MB

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One thought on “Sermon Notes: The Atonement

  1. hey bro. your site rocks. always cross centered. krissy and the girls LOVED your talk sunday night. thanks for sharing so beautifully .i love your zeal. love oyu bro~T

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