Review: John Brown of Haddington

My review of The Systematic Theology of John Brown of Haddington was published today at Brown’s theology is best remembered under the title A Compendious View of Natural and Revealed Religion. Read more here:


I found the Banner of Truth autobiography/biography very useful in my research. The Life of John Brown (1856/2004) was edited by his son William Brown (the same man who slightly abridged Richard Baxter’s Reformed Pastor now published by the Banner of Truth). It provides useful historical information about Brown’s extraordinary life and several rich letters and meditation essays written by John Brown. If the life of John Brown interests you, I recommend this volume (ISBN: 0851518575).


4 thoughts on “Review: John Brown of Haddington

  1. Great review on this Systematic Theology book by John Brown. I enjoyed your introduction of the man himself. Learning about the author is as important to me as what the author has to say. Does John Brown have any other published works that we can read online?

  2. Patrick, thank you for the kind words. To my knowledge there are no works of JBH to read online. Blessings to you! Tony

  3. Hey Tony,
    Can you tell me if this book contained Brown’s letter of defense for learning the Greek language? I’ve read about the letter, but cannot seem to find it online and was hoping it was in this book.


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