Feel vs. Real

The Christian life does not revolve around a gyroscope of twisting, turning, shifting feelings. Emotions can be divorced from reason and manipulated. As this humorous IKEA ad shows, feelings can be spurned from irrationality (“because you crazy”). That is why Christians are called to live in the truth of the Cross, to let Scripture govern our Christian lives rather than emotions. Living a Cross centered life is to transcend the waves of emotion and live as a forgiven and adopted child of God. We are called to minister to our hurting Christian friends — who may be living off emotion — reminding them of the unchanging Cross.

Live the Cross Centered Life. Live üncrazy.



One thought on “Feel vs. Real

  1. Sums up what I’ve been learning recently. Too bad the churches I used to attend did not preach such a message. Instead they preach a “mess” of emotional turmoil from which you need to understand the origins of your emotional turmoil, blah, blah, blah, ad naseum!!!

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