Christianity Confronts Islam

islamlogo.gifThe theological implications of Islam in a highly recommended interview on the White Horse Inn between Dr. Michael Horton and former Muslim and professor of Sharia Law, Sam Solomon. The series is titled Christianity Confronts Islam.

Listen/download part 1/2 (October 01, 2006)
Listen/download part 2/2 (October 08, 2006)


Related: Islamicization and individual rights.

2 thoughts on “Christianity Confronts Islam

  1. Tony, I thank you for the great ministry that you do. I’m sorry this comment isn’t related to the post I’m in, but I wanted to catch your attention.

    I just wanted to know what your views on baptism were. If you have already written about that, just point me to a link, and if not, could you write something when you have the time? Thanks! :)

    Peace and grace, brother.

  2. Justin, thanks for reading and your comments. As of yet I have not written anything related to baptism. There is so much to say about the gospel. Maybe in the future. Blessings, Tony!

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