2007 Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference


Hello everyone! This weekend I prepare to travel to Grantham, PA and the 2007 Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference. Really looking forward to the teaching, learning more about John Calvin, enjoying fellowship and of course rummaging through stacks and stacks of books. I plan to pick up blogging on Tuesday as time permits out East and updates throughout the week. Looking forward to meeting some of the TSS readers out East as well. We’ll see you next week from Grantham. Blessings! Tony

2 thoughts on “2007 Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference

  1. Tony –
    I, and all of my staff here at Banner of Truth’s North America office stand ready to welcome you and all of the other guys to the 2007 Annual Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference. As you know, this year’s theme is “Set Apart For God,” and, as always, the week will be filled with solid expository preaching, incredible fellowship, and the one and only authentic Banner of Truth Bookstore that is ever assembled on this continent, only once a year, with minimum discounts of 40%. I say minimum because, once again, Sinclair Ferguson will do his “Bookstore Tour,” featuring books that have impacted his life. And, since he is chairman of our Trustees, we will slap a new sticker on every book he touches giving THAT title an unheard of 70% discount that will be good for just 15 hours. It just makes for a fun and crazy night, to be honest with you; almost as much fun as the late night run for ice cream (and who said Banner guys couldn’t have fun!). So pack your bags, Tony. Your room is right next to mine. I’m looking forward to finally meeting and spending some time together. God bless you, brother! And if any one else would still like to sign up and join us, they should email me at steve@banneroftruth.org, and come to the registration table Tuesday (see the Banner Web site, http://www.banneroftruth.org, for more details).
    Steve B., Manager
    Banner of Truth – North American Office
    Carlisle, PA

  2. Thank you, Steve, for your work in getting the conference assembled. Your work will be a great blessing to the men. Looking forward to the fellowship, my friend! Tony

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