Sinclair Ferguson walk through the bookstore


Sinclair Ferguson walk through the bookstore (Tues. PM)

GRANTHAM, PA — One of the great joys of the conference Tuesday night was experiencing Sinclair Ferguson’s now-famous book recommendations and discounts. After the sessions were over for the day, the men packed into the bookstore and Ferguson walked around highlighting volumes particularly important in his own growth. Each book he held up was then marked down between 60 and 75-percent for the conference. To hear Ferguson rattle of a list of books and why they are important was a great treat. For various reasons, books included the sermons of M’Cheyne, the memoirs of Thomas Boston, Biblical Theology by Vos, The Upper Room by J.C. Ryle (for chapter 3 on preaching), Faith and Life by B.B. Warfield, the first volume of the biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. There were many others. (If you were there and transcribed a list of books recommended please leave them in the comments.) It would have been great to get this recorded in audio. Maybe next time.

Here are the photographs from the Sinclair Ferguson field trip through the BoT conference bookstore last night.


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5 thoughts on “Sinclair Ferguson walk through the bookstore

  1. i think the back of my head is in that last one!

    tony, it was great to get to meet you and i’m sorry we didn’t get more of a chance to chat. perhaps next year?

  2. Indeed, Cozart, that’s the back of your mug (in 2 shots even!). :-) It was great getting to meet you. Blessings to you and your ministry! Tony

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