Book update: Works of William Perkins (1558-1602)

Book update
Works of William Perkins (1558-1602)

perkinsworks.jpgJoel Beeke and Derek Thomas are hard at work editing the Works of William Perkins (1558-1602). The Reformation Heritage edition will be published in six volumes with the first volume expected (roughly) sometime in February/March of 2008.

If I recall accurately from my travels to Grand Rapids, Beeke’s old edition of Perkins’ Works originates from the personal library of Charles Spurgeon and bear his signature and markings. Ironically, Spurgeon considered Perkins “dull” and “terribly prosy.” (Richard Sibbes and Jonathan Edwards liked Perkins.)

More interesting biographical details about “supralapsarian Perkins” and his works can be found in Meet the Puritans (pp. 469-480).

15 thoughts on “Book update: Works of William Perkins (1558-1602)

  1. This is really great news. I had heard this from another source. What a terrific addition to anyone’s library this will be.

    Another great publication in 2008 is Tentmaker’s Puritan Fast Sermons. It’s a 32 (?) volume set of sermons by the Puritans. That is also supposed to be out in early 2008 as well. RHB let me know that they are planning on carrying the set.

  2. Thanks for the Tentmaker update, David. According to Meet the Puritans (pp. 632-633) these sermons were preached before Parliament in England under Oliver Cromwell’s rule. “They encourage and admonish Parliament to govern in the fear of God.” A total of 448 sermons were preached and a good chunk of these sermons comprise the 34 volume facsimile edition. Sermons were delivered by men like Ames, Brooks, Burgess, Burroughs, Caryl, Goodwin, Love, Manton, Marshall, Nye, Owen and Venning. Wow, that’s an all-star lineup of preachers! Hopefully the works are indexed well.

    Blessings! Tony

  3. This is good news — thanks for the update! I have long wished for Perkins to be more widely available. Kudos to Drs. Beeke and Thomas for making this happen.

  4. Hi,
    I own a folio copy of Perkins works, 1618. Approx 700 pages. No this is not a reprint. If you would like to see it, and maybe use it for a reference, let me know.
    Chapters include Sermon on the Mount, Discorse to the Devil, Chapter to the Hebrews, etc.

  5. Dear Tony,

    I’ve been listening to J.I. Packer’s RTS “History and Theology of the Puritans” on iTunes U that you graciously pointed out awhile back. It is very enjoyable, and I am very grateful to RTS for making it free to the public. Thank you for letting more people know about it.

    Dr. Packer goes on a bit of a long tangent about supralapsarianism and infralapsarianism in the lectures and comes down very strongly against supralapsarianism.

    I still have much to learn on the subject, but I believe I would label myself as a supralapsarian. My hero is John Piper, and it is from him that I have come to believe that God’s glory and Him displaying all facets of that glory is the most preeminent goal in all the universe.

    Seeing from your post that Jonathan Edwards liked Perkins, did Jonathan Edwards consider himself a supralapsarian, do you know? Do you think John Piper would consider himself a supralapsarian?

    Thank you for any knowledge you might be able to pass on. Thank you for all your work. God has used it to bless me.

    Jason Dalton

  6. Do you have any information of William Perkins’ children, especially Dodd Perkins, my great-great-grat-grandfather.

    It could be , if Wm Perkins, was his father, that Wm would be my four greats grandfather.

    Thank you

    Florence Perkins

  7. I too am researching Dodd Perkins as part of my family tree (organist of Wells Cathedral, as was his son William). Any information would be gratefully received, or perhaps you could let Florence Perkins have my email address.

    Thank you

    Alison Windsor

  8. Hello Tony,

    Do you have any news about when will this RHB edition of Perkins Works be published? I’m looking forward reading it!



  9. It is the end of 2008, and I have just read the comment by Alison Windsor from January. My interest in the family is revived because I am giving family members Welcome Wall (q.v.) registration certificates for Christmas.
    Alison, what country are you in?

    As no emails are posted how can we get in contact? If you are in Australia that will be easy, or easier than other countries.

    There seems to be a gap between William ans my great-grandfather George, but I feel Dodd and William are my ancestors as my father dreamed of my becoming a cathedral organist, because his great-grandfather was one somewhere in England. Having the Perkins’ stubbornness I made sure I did not do too well at upper level piano exams. Besides, there was no way I was going to give over my Sunday mornings to playing at services.

    On these tiny items and comments we have to build our ancestry.

  10. I own an original copy of this book: A Collection of Biblical Commentaries, Preached by William Perkins, written in 1631.
    Do you have an interest in this work, or can you forward me to an organization or institution that may?
    Thank you,
    Don Johnston

  11. Do you have any further news about this book which you announced? I would really like to know if it was published. I am trying to find a modern editon of “An exposition of the symbole or creede of the apostles, according to the tenour of the scriptures, and the consent of the orthodoxe fathers of the church. Reuiewed and corrected, by William Perkins”.
    Many thanks, Emanuel Contac, Romania

  12. Hi, Alison,

    I am not sure if my first message got through to these pages.

    I also did research and found that Dodd and William Perkins, Wells Cathedral organists, were almost certainly my ancestors.

    My branch of the family emigrated to Australia in the 1880s, -90s.

    Schoolteachers mainly, which is why Ggrandfather came our with his brood, as Australia sorely needed teachers in those days.

    But also competent to good musicians. I have my Masters in Musicology from a Californian University. None of the elders made their main living out of music, as it wasn’t considered the “done thing” in those Victorian/Edwardian days, though my father and grandfather were organists and choirmasters.

    If you read this could you reply through facebook, please. I am the one with the cat photo.

    This is very exciting.
    Florence Perkins

  13. Andrew,
    I realize you left this message quite some time ago. However, do you still have a folio copy of Perkins’ works? I am doing research on dissertation level and would like to find a copy. Please let me know if you can. Thanks!
    Doug Landrum

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