T-shirt PICS

This morning I received the new T-shirts. They came beautifully packaged by our friends at Monergism. Who better to model the new look than my son, a small Calvinist named after Jonathan Edwards? The shirts range in sizes from small (for the wee little Calvinist) all the way up to 3XL for the fuller Calvinist. And the shirts come in a pre-shrunk, “beefy-t” cotton. Order some for Father’s Day.

3 thoughts on “T-shirt PICS

  1. Tony, I don’t think there are any Calvinists at “fuller” (joking)

    I’m thinking that is little Johnnie and he is not so little anymore…

    nice work.

  2. Jeff … Ha, no offense intended Mr. Fuller Calvinist! :-)

    Erik … That’s a good one. No, he is getting big as I bet your little ones are growing as well. The years start flying by at light speed. Blessings!


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