Who said it?

tsslogo.jpgHere are two quotes from two famous reformed characters (one a theologian and the other a preacher).

(1) In 1905, this famous theologian wrote: “My idea of delight is a Princeton [Seminary dorm] room full of fellows smoking. When I think what a wonderful aid tobacco is to friendship and Christian patience I have sometimes regretted that I never began to smoke.” Who said it? Answer: J. Gresham Machen. Obviously this is not posted to recommend smoking but it’s a quote with great historical significance. Billy Sunday, Machen’s prohibitionist friend, was staunchly against drinking and smoking — neither of which views Machen agreed with. Both Machen and Sunday however are packaged together as “fundamentalists.” In Stephen J. Nichols’ recently published essay, he uses this quote to distinguish Machen and his mentor B.B. Warfield as not-exactly-fundamentalists and certainly not prohibitionists. Machen enjoyed sports, art, alcohol and obviously some secondary smoke to the glory of God. He was doctrinally acute, joyful and culturally aware. A great example for us today. For more on Machen, Warfield and Fundamentalism see Nichols’ excellent essay in B.B. Warfield: Essays on his life and thought (P&R: 2007) pp. 169-194.

(2) This famous preacher said in a sermon: “For myself, as long as I am charged by certain people with being nothing but a Pentecostalist and on the other hand charged by others with being an intellectual, a man who is always preaching doctrine, as long as the two criticisms come, I am very happy. But if one or the other of the two criticisms should ever cease, then, I say, is the time to be careful and to begin to examine the very foundations.” Who said it? Answer: Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It’s one of my favorite quotes. You can read it for yourself on page 403 of Life in The Spirit: Studies in 1 John (Crossway: 2002).

I’ll give the answers early this afternoon! Blessings, Tony. Congratulations to TimK! You win, well, nothing but the sheer joy of victory and my thanks for playing “Who said it?.” Blessings to you my friend!

5 thoughts on “Who said it?

  1. My guess on the first is Machen. He fits the time and from reading of him that sounds like what he would like.

  2. Wow, the second one is tough. Two people come to mind – is it ML-J? If not, is it Tony Reinke?

    I’ll be away most of today but can’t wait to see the correct answers.

  3. Tony, I can’t believe I won! The competition was nothing if not … well, it was nothing. I felt good about the Machen guess but ML-J was a complete stretch because I was not sure that he would use the word “pentecostalist”.

    Tony, you’re famous in my book. Of course, that is a book that is not going to be reviewed at this site any time soon.

  4. I think your fast and accurate answers stunned your opponents speechless. … Oh yes, Tim, MLJ would embrace the word “Pentecostalist” for he was one of them. He was a a discerning, doctrinally centered and open to the Spirit’s work. See John Piper’s address here … Well of course I wont review that book, Tim, it’s so obviously filled with inaccuracies :-) … Blessings! Tony

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