Spurgeon Autobiography

tsslogo.jpgGood Monday morning, friends! I just posted my review of Spurgeon’s autobiography over at Take Up And Read (hosted by Monergism.com). … The Banner of Truth just released their Summer 2007 catalog and you can download it here (1.7 MB) … More exciting things to come this week including the first TSS podcast next Monday (Deo Vo lente). Stay tuned to TSS and more importantly keep your eyes fixed on the precious Savior that gives us life, forgiveness, righteousness, wisdom and hope! – Tony

3 thoughts on “Spurgeon Autobiography

  1. That was a great review. I cannot believe I’ve gone this long without reading it!

  2. loving the blog…you just make me wanna read everything. have to be selective but i may give this one a shot if i can scrounge up the money. here’s hoping that the updates at takeupandread.com stay regular…

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