A Banner Day for the Banner of Truth

tsslogo.jpgA Banner Day for the Banner of Truth

… Where did all these Calvinists come from? In his third post Mark Dever says in large measure they are the result of the publishing efforts of The Banner of Truth. Indeed my life-changing introduction to men like Horatius Bonar, Octavius Winslow, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, Richard Sibbes, John Flavel, John Bunyan, Thomas Brooks, John Newton, B.B. Warfield, John Murray and Martyn Lloyd-Jones were all books published by the Banner! So a heartfelt and much deserved “thank you” to the men and women of the Banner who (for several decades) have laid a foundation for my precious reformed learning.bot.jpg

… If you think the Banner just launched off the ground in widespread financial success I would entrust the very interesting Banner magazines from 1955-1959 (published in book format). Iain Murray was walking by faith that God would bless the printing of Puritan works. It was an act faith and of doctrinal conviction. The very first Banner magazine opened with these words: “There are many today who regard truth and error as matters of small consequence; if a man lives rightly, they say, it matters not much what his beliefs and opinions are” (p. 3). A firm commitment to the doctrinal foundation promoted by the Banner of Truth in 1955 is central to why the practice of Calvinism flourishes today. Read these earlyBanner of Truth magazines and watch Banner of Truth grow from a seed. It’s an amazing and fruitful work of God’s graciousness!

… For one more week (until July 21st) the Mongerism Books Banner of Truth mega sale continues. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in any of the Banner of Truth sets.

… And in related news: No baby yet (due date was Tues.), but when that child arrives they will be garbed in Banner gear (my wife and I found transferable clothing stickers and printed off the Banner logo). Whether a girl or boy we do not know, but a Banner Baby most certainly!


5 thoughts on “A Banner Day for the Banner of Truth

  1. I have a niece or nephew being born in the next few days. I think they would look divine in this Onesie. How can I get my hands on one before the new one arrives? ;)

  2. Oh, I have a brother that would look great in this too. Does it come in a Man-sie size? I think he mentioned one time how convenient it would be to only have one article of clothing to put on each day. Besides that, he is definitely a BoT fan to the core so this new logo gear would be a perfect gift for him.

  3. So this is way late, (Tony, you always seem to be like a few hundred steps ahead of me on making cool stuff. First the blank Bible, now a Banner onsie) but I made my son a Banner onsie. I left too much room around the logo on the iron transfer paper. I am going for round two tomorrow.

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