Coming soon …

Here is what to expect at TSS over the next week or so…

– I am nearly done with a post on the topic: How has the Cross specifically impacted my life in the past year? This question provided a great opportunity to reflect on God’s abundant graciousness to a wholly unworthy sinner.

tsscertified.jpg– This week we introduced the TSS “Certified Cross Centered” stamp. Our stickers adhere to various resources and signify that a substantial amount of its content directly relates to the perfect work of Christ as our Atoning sacrifice. Many great resources out there are not Cross centered but it’s worth taking special note of those rare resources that are. Currently I am assembling a comprehensive resource guide that will include all the books, music, movies and blogs that carry our shiny little sticker.

– Two important questions arrived in the TSS mailbag this week. Joshua in Spokane, WA asks: “I’m reading on your blog about Jonathan Edwards but I don’t have any of his books. Can you tell me where the best place to begin would be?” Yes, Joshua! This will be fun to answer because there are some great entry points into Edwards and some published very recently. The second question is from Andrew in Phoenix. He writes: “I want to use electronic books in my Bible research. Can you tell me of your favorite CD-Roms that you recommend and how you personally use them?” Yes, Andrew it would be my joy!

All this and more, next week (DV)!


One thought on “Coming soon …

  1. Nice question from Andrew and I am looking forward to your answer!

    Thanks for continuing in this ministry to us.


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