President Bush in Minneapolis: Pictures

This morning (Sat.) President Bush flew into Minneapolis/St. Paul to survey the collapsed 35W bridge. From high atop a bridge on the campus of the University of Minnesota I captured these photos. Three helicopters – two smaller and one large one – all landed near the river, downstream about 1/4 mile from the collapsed 35W bridge. The perimeter boundary around the scene is enormous and provide only a few areas where the collapsed bridge is viewable. I found one tiny hole in the trees and bushes where the 35W bridge was visible (the two photos were taken about 1/2 mile away!). I had a great location high above the valley to photograph the departure of the three presidential helicopters with downtown Minneapolis in the background.

— photos (c) 2007 Tony S. Reinke

8 thoughts on “President Bush in Minneapolis: Pictures

  1. Nice job Tony, here all this time I thought you could only photograph books. ;-) Keep up the good work on this wonderful site.

  2. Hello everyone. Actually photographing books is a bigger trick than photographing Marine One. No kidding. Books with glossy covers or very dark covers are supper tough. Both are a pain. My camera was maxed out for speed in this instance. I wasn’t sure I would stop the roter but I was more interested in clear pics. I was shooting with my 80-400 Sigma lens. All hand held. It was perfect weather for photos (overcast) and I was in the perfect location. How often do you see Marine One take off from a valley with skyscrapers in the background? I shot with my trusty Digital Rebel XT camera. In this instance I maxed the the ISO (1600) and maxed the aperture (f/5.6) and this combination gave me shutter speeds between 2000-4000 at 400mm! Apparently at those speeds you CAN stop the blade of roter. It proved to be an excellent combination for the scene. Very happy with the results. Well, I’m about 4 hrs. behind on sermon preparations for the morning! It’s 740 PM sat. night so I’ll see you all later! Thanks for reading! Tony

  3. great shots! I wonder if the secret service could see you. Good thing it was a camera you had in your hand. Magazine cover quality. I am looking into buying a camera soon. I have used my friends 20d often. Canon makes a good product. Thanks for sharing those shots.

  4. Haha! That’s funny, Tom. I’m sure the SS was aware of me and my 400mm “canon.” Actually since taking these photos, other photographers have suggested that using a 400mm lens near the president can get you a confrontation by the local police. No problems though. … How I would love to upgrade to the 20D someday. Blessings, my friend! Tony

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