Blank Bible pictures

tsslogo.jpgMarcia over at the Ruminations and Ramifications blog just completed a Blank ESV Reformation Study Bible in 11-volumes. Wow! And it looks great, too. Check out her post here for pictures. Marcia recently wrote to thank us for the Blank Bible Series we posted last year. Like Jonathan Edwards, you can make a custom note-taking Bible. Begin by reading the TSS Blank Bible series index.

Thank you, Marcia, for the kind comments!


5 thoughts on “Blank Bible pictures

  1. Have you looked into having a binder make a blank bible (you supply them with the paper and the bible – they unbind the bible and insert the paper – then have it rebound).

  2. Hello Mason! People have approached the Blank Bible in several different ways. Some have brought their Bible to Kinkos and had everything done for them. I personally enjoyed the assembly process. The TSS Blank Bible Index should give you other ideas on accomplishing the task. So, yes, a binder could do it all for you. Blessings! Tony

  3. That makes me glad I use Laridian’s PocketBible on my PDA. All the notes I want and it never gets bigger!!

  4. Hi, I have been looking for 16lb paper for making my unbound bible. I found some pads bound in 100 sheets that are regular size copy paper that I can cut down. You can get 12 pads for under 15.00. I think it will work fine and cut down on the thickness. Here’s the web link.
    If anyone has found lighter weight paper would you please make a post? Thanks, Mary from Idaho

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