Spiritual questions to ask your children

Prompted by a John Piper statement at the DG conference this weekend, Justin Taylor posted some important questions pastor Rick Gamache asks his children. The list provides a helpful way to build a strong and honest relationship with children that cuts at the false (but common) idea that mom and dad are sinless. Having an honest relationship with my kids — and even confessing sins to my son — has brought us closer and given us a greater openness in spiritual things. These are great questions to gauge the spiritual condition of our children and over the past several month I have been encouraged to see these questions bear fruit in our own home.

Rick and Delaine’s children are a beautiful display of spiritual maturity. Here are questions Rick uses to lead them on:

1. How are your devotions?

2. What is God teaching you?

3. In your own words, what is the gospel?

4. Is there a specific sin you’re aware of that you need my help defeating?

5. Are you more aware of my encouragement or my criticism?

6. What’s daddy most passionate about?

7. Do I act the same at church as I do when I’m at home?

8. Are you aware of my love for you?

9. Is there any way I’ve sinned against you that I’ve not repented of?

10. Do you have any observations for me?

11. How am I doing as a dad?

12. How have Sunday’s sermons impacted you?

13. Does my relationship with mom make you excited to be married?

14. On top of these things, with my older kids, I’m always inquiring about their relationship with their friends and making sure God and his gospel are the center of those relationship. And I look for every opportunity to praise their mother and increase their appreciation and love for her.

RELATED: Rick made his YouTube debut recently after preaching at Piper’s church.

[YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T_g17puI7E%5D

6 thoughts on “Spiritual questions to ask your children

  1. Just happened to stumble upon your blog when searching for something recommended by John Piper. I found it here! I was grateful to see the many other resource links here! Thanks for blogging.

  2. A friend sent me your site link..thanks for the encouragements. The video was no longer available, though…

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