Journal of Biblical Counseling … what?

The Journal of Biblical Counseling is *suspending* publication and will not be releasing a Fall or Winter edition so they can evaluate ideas to revamp the journal. Can someone please explain to me why the print journal needs to be suspended so improvements can be made!?! For a subscription-based publication, this seems incredibly odd.

Here’s one suggestion for how the Journal can improve — don’t bail on your readership!

PS – One friend says they are doing this to increase demand for counseling (LOL).

7 thoughts on “Journal of Biblical Counseling … what?

  1. this is disappointing. i was considering subscribing in the near future. though online resources are sometimes nice, it is much better to have a print version. also, a print version is better for academic purposes (i.e. some profs still don’t like electronic sources). i hope that the print format isn’t completely set aside for electronic, but the letter you linked to doesn’t sound very promising…

  2. It seems as though they may be going through some broader organizational changes.

    Our church buys several thousand of their booklets each year. On our most recent order, the cost to us was nearly $2.50 per booklet. Just a couple years ago, they were about $1 each if you bought large quantities.

  3. My first sentence above is speculation. I had labeled it as such with faux HTML tags, but they went and disappeared on me.

  4. I received the same letter today with my LAST issue. I wish they had asked us, their subscribors – what we thought. I like the journal just as it is, although an electronic edition would be a nice edition. I really do not like everything electronic – it is hard to read and manage large amounts of information. Very disappointing news indeed.

  5. Chris, I agree with you. I’ve transitioned from print magazines/journals to electronic-only files in the past and inevitably the magazines/journals get forgotten and the subscription is dropped. I love my printed TJBC and it would travel with me to the gym (laying nice and flat on a cardio machine I might add). … What’s puzzling to me is that the archives of the journal are already electronic and searchable (you can buy the CD-Roms) so it’s not like electronic format just now landed in their considerations. It’s very puzzling why everything has come to a sudden and surprising stop. Blessings, Tony

  6. I agree, please do not stop the distributions. I personally enjoy reading the paper edition.

  7. CCEF is an wonderful organization that is truly doing all that they can do to help others through counseling and their publications. They are NOT good, however, in their adminstration and in some of the decisions that they make. “Quirky” would be a good word to describe how they are run. I actually just tried to simply e-mail them at their customer service website. I had to go through so many “hoops” i.e. windows asking for info in order to send them the e-mail, that I just gave up. I called them to ask a question and the woman I need to speak to is out until Monday. I called a few years ago to order a book from their bookstore and found out that they no longer had a bookstore on sight. I was certified to teach their counseling program at church and found out that they were discontinuing the program and that I needed to attend another training session, at a cost of several hundred dollars!! When I was teaching the program we had a TERRIBLE time just getting the leaders manuals that we needed. A simple order for one turned into a nightmare of receiving the wrong book or too many of the one that we needed, etc. What CCEF really needs as a chief administrator who has alot of wisdom to organize along with a good dose of common sense!! Yes, God’s grace applies here, but I gotta tell you, CCEF is one confusing place to deal with sometimes!! Love you all, but somethings do need to change!! And, no, the Journal should NOT be suspended for any reason!!

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